S&R Imus Sale Top Picks

Tipid Mommies, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I love featuring sale events and items, sale for me is a great opportunity to save and to buy the things that we need.

I usually have a list of things that we need that is not urgent. And pumupunta kami sa sale to buy those.

Last Thursday, we went to S&R Imus, I am amazed na walang pila masyado, compared last year na hanggang parking area ang line just to get in.

And when we we’re inside, hindi din gaanong matao. Even sa payment, last year we went at 8am and was able to go home at 7pm, ngayon we went at S&R around 10am and we’re done at 1pm. S&R definitely took notes and improved their system to provide better service for us, customers.

Here’s the best deals that I found mommies for home makers like me:

Cetaphil Lotion at P 499.00 (from P629.00)



Suave Detangler Apple Buy 1 Take 1



Suave Shampoo – pwedeng shampoo and conditioner :)



Anti-Bac Fabric Softener (Sayang rin Php 20 na discount)



Powder Detergent 4 Kilos (Php 74.75/kilo nalabas mommies)

(but you’ll get bigger savings if you get the S&R Detergent 10 kilos + 1 Kilo)



One of the best deals talaga, Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Buy 1 Take 1



Ring Cakes at Php 329+ Buy 1 Take 1 (Masarap yung chocolate chip flavour)




Buy 1 Take 1 Bath Towels (Ask the staff first what brands are included on sale mommies)



There are a lot of “best deal” items mommies, from kitchen needs, home improvements, of course CHO-CO-LATEEESS! and other food items. These photos  are my personal top picks inays. Ako na ata ang pinaka-KJ sa SNR sale, 90% of my purchase consists of soap! :)

Tipid Tip:

For the Buy 1 Take 1 Deals, you can ask a friend to share an item with, if you don’t need the two items, para maka-save kayo pareho.

Make sure to bring your list and magbaon ng maraming self-control, always have an allotted budget and try to stick with it mommies! And of course,  bring your ecobags! Happy tipid shopping mommies! 



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