Save time and money ordering your wipes and home toiletries


Many moms, especially those who don’t have household helpers like me, would relate that it is a better option to do shopping or groceries online than going out to the markets or department stores. Especially for moms who don’t drive or commute along with their kids, online shopping is such a big help. 


But we should also be aware of the dangers of on-line shopping though. We are more prone to overspend kapag nagshop on-line, cart all you can.. Aminin mga mommies.. Haha! But nevertheless, on-line shopping is a good tool for us mommies if we know how to use it wisely. Lalo ngayon na almost everything is available na on-line. There are now on-line shops that fall under thr category of “family needs” like food, home services and more.. 

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Being a mom without a household helper, staying at home is such a better option than going out, especially for moms who doesn’t know how to drive, or moms who use public transportation like me to go from one place to another with my kid, online shopping is such a big help.


Though, mas prone din sa temptation to overspend on things ang online shopping. Aminin mga mommies? Haha! Thankful that there are also online shops that are under the “family needs” category. Like food, home services and more. 




It saves us time 

Instead of being trapped sa traffic, I can just wait at home for my orders, kesa din pumila sa mall lalo kapag weekend lang available time mamili, mas convenient talaga mag online order na lang and avoid long queus.


It saves me money 

Kapag over na sa budget, I can easily remove it from my cart. And compared to fuel and commute fare expenses mas mura na ang shipping fee. 


And just recently, I’ve discovered that Sanicare is also available online, on our journey to zero-waste living, sobrang happy ako na may starch-based paper plates, spoons and cups na sila. They even have a bamboo wipes now! Kaya eco-friendly na mga mommies. 


I ordered some of toiletries needed for our home, pati yung starch-based nilang mga party supplies para in case may bisita and needed sa school, may stock na ako.


Very convenient yung website gamitin. May different modes of payment din, pero I chose the Cash-On-Delivery option which is much less hassle for me. 



Then after ilan days lang, nagulat ako na dumating na agad. 

The items are well-packed and sealed. There’s also a printed copy of the invoice. 

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Very convenient ito lalo for moms na may newborn – cottons and wipes pwede na mabili online. Or for moms who will organize home parties, you can purchase your plates, cups, tissue and others online. 


In case, kailangan nyo na din mag stock up ng toiletries, try nyo din ang Sanicare online service.

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Hope this new mom discovery helps as you juggle different roles as a mom. 

What about you? Do you have new discoveries of great online shopping finds?



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