Save money by switching to Enersave “LED bulbs”

Being a practical mom, I am always on search of different ways to lessen expenses and one of them is our electricity bill.

And the most common tipid tip or tipid hack is to switch to LED bulbs. 
Switch to LED BulbsYes I know mommies, it may be overwhelming at first, but what we did was, we started one bulb at a time since we cannot afford to change all of our bulbs at home ng isang bagsak. 

How do you really save from switching to LED Lights? 


1. LED bulbs last longer than ordinary bulbs – it is like a long term investment, it may be more expensive than the ordinary bulbs but if you’ll compute on how many years you can use a single bulb you’ll be surprised that you’re able to save a lot.

2. LED bulbs uses less electricity – you don’t just save in your electricity bill but we’re able to contribute to our environment too by using less energy.

I am thankful that Enersave introduced to our family their LED bulbs, hindi sya yung ordinary LED bulbs na nasa market. 

They have the Motion Sense LED Bulb – it responds to motion, we’ve used it as our outdoor bulb, what we have is the “full on & off” and naka-off lang sya then it automatically lights up when the bulb sense any movement upto 10 meters like for example when someone is walking near our house and etc.

Switch to LED Bulbs-2

Kaya, hindi lang sya tipid, great option din for safety purposes.

(It is also available in Dim Light that will turn to Full Bright during any movement)

Switch to LED Bulbs-4

Here is a video on how a Motion Sense Bulb works :)

EnerSave Motion Sense. Available at LAZADA

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Another product by Enersave is the Enersave LED Bulb with Anion generator technology. 

Switch to LED Bulbs-5

It is made of 10 million anions that generates negative ions that :

– help improves air quality

– purifies and eliminates bad odors

– remove second hand smoke & harmful gases

– Promotes good health and strengthens immunity against disease

This is a must to every household, sobrang beneficial nya sa health and even sa home atmosphere. Especially sa kagaya namin na very small ang house napaka-laki ng tendency na mag-amoy kulob mommies.

Enersave Bulbs don’t just help us save from electricity bills but their unique features are really helpful with every home’s unique needs too.


Where to order? 

It is available online at Lazada


How much is the Enersave LED Bulbs? 

Motion Sense Bulb : 7 watts Php 380

LED Bulbs : 7 watts Php 350 | 9 watts Php 375 | 12 watts Php 400


To know more about EnerSave: 

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