Sanicare’s Mom and Kid Play Day Treat

Being a mother changed me a lot. As my child grows, there are also new things to learn for me as a mom. Parang every stage and season are different or iba-iba…


And that’s exactly the theme of Sanicare’s event last June 30. We had a play day with other moms and kids of all ages and life stages, there were other mom bloggers with their babies, and other moms with older schooling kids and of course, a lot of moms with their toddlers like my son, Zee.


There were booths set-up to highlight different life stages for us moms and kids to choose from. The booths made me realized of my different journey and season as a first time mom.

Here’s the newborn booth, where moms can take home hand-painted souvenirs. (Namiss ko yung season na ito, the sleepless nights and the powdery baby scent when I kiss my baby)




Toddler booth – where my son enjoyed painting his very own eco bag with Kuya Rafael.


There were arts and crafts sections too , kids of all ages were able to express their creativity. They made their own cotton bud animals, cotton ball sushi and a planet made of cotton buds.


I also had fun sa “mommy booth” ang-cute ng set-up! It reminded me the importance of playtime not just for the kids, but also for mommies. Like what a quote says, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” -George Shaw

Sanicare5 We also had an opportunity to meet and talk with Mommy Bianca Gonzales-Intal, Sanicare’s first brand ambassador. Everyone giggled with joy as Sanicare celebrated with Mommy Bianca’s second pregnancy and her first year anniversary as their brand ambassador.   Sanicare9Mommy Bianca shared something about the Jumbo Cotton Balls during the play day. This is perfect especially sa newborn stage, natatandaan ko pa nung andami kong kinukuhang cotton balls para pang linis kay baby (sadly, minsan nasasayang na ung iba), good to know may ganito pala.  

Did you know that Sanicare is a local brand? Yes! Proudly Pinoy.

 I was able to have watched Sanicare’s interview on TV before, I am inspired on how they trusted God in managing their business amidst financial crisis, fire and flood. Wow! Indeed, only by God’s grace. Read more about Sanicare’s story here.

It really inspired me how they were able to grow their business starting from their very own family’s need and now there are able to impact many mom’s lives by providing quality hygiene products designed for all life stages – from baby wipes, disposable toilet seat that’s perfect for on-the-go moms like me and my potty trained child, Sanicare indeed answer every family’s need.

As a mom, madami na tayong iniisip at should I say winoworry or pinoproblema, I’m thankful for brands like Sanicare, who wants to help us moms to unload and make our mommyhood journey easier, more convenient and joyful in different seasons of motherhood.


To know more about Sanicare, Follow their Facebook page:

Sanicare Facebook Page


What about you Moms? What Sanicare Product do you have in your hygiene kit?



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