Prayer: A lifetime investment for our children (31 days of prayer PRINTABLE)

Being a mother, I know how busy our day can be.. and sometimes, we forget of one of the most important thing we can do for our children.. to pray for them..

But when I heard about Nikki Gil’s story, that her parents were praying for her future husband ever since she was a little girl. And  she was spared from a wrong relationship and was lead eventually to the right man. I am amazed of the power of a praying parent.

So happy din to see this free 31 Days of Prayers for Your Child printable online. But of course, you still get to pray your own heartfelt prayers for our children, this is just a guide for everyday character that we want to focus as our prayer point for the day.



Someone shared to us before, that as parents, we are our children’s intercessors (prayer partners). Especially to parents with little ones who can only pray “4 words prayer”, we are their representative.

Our children need our prayers as much as they need food on the table, shelter and clothing.


I am just happy to share this calendar that  I found online, a free printable of 31 Days of Prayer For Your Child by ParentLife Magazine.

(click here for the link)


The fact that you are reading this post means you love your child so much and you believe in the power of a praying parent.

So together, let us pray for our children. That’s one of the best investment we can give to our children today.





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