Practical Wardrobe Guide for “Fashionable Buntis”

I can still remember that magical feeling we felt when we first saw our son, kahit “sac” pa lang s’ya that time, hindi namin napigilan maiyak ng husband ko when we found out that we we’re pregnant. (That was 4 years ago)

When I got pregnant, there were many changes that happened and one of those changes was a change in wardrobe. Since most of my friends are asking me some practical tips about “preggy clothing”… 



Here are some of the things I’ve learned and wished I knew before:

  • Invest in good leggings & belly band- they became my “bff”, choose the hipster type leggings.  The belly band is a good investment too, especially kapag malaki na si baby, it supports your growing tummy and helps you move comfortably while doing your daily chores and activities.
I'm honestly not aware na may ganitong "shorts" I saw this in Great Expectations Maternity" may built in na support band :)

I’m honestly not aware na may ganitong “shorts”before, I saw this recently sa Great Expectations Maternity” may built in na support band :)

Photo Credit to

Photo Credit to

  • Ordinary clothes turned maternity wear- there are fashionable clothes that can be re-use after pregnancy, para hindi mastock lang ang clothes after 9 months. Like over-sized shirts, loose top, stretchy maxi dresses and even cotton cardigans. I just noticed, mas mukha akong mataba kapag oversized yung damit ko noon :)



  • Maternity wear turned nursing (breastfeeding) wear – super good investment ito mommies, dahil after “pregnancy wardrobe change” ang next in line ay “breastfeeding-friendly wardrobe change” naman so why not buy ng dual purpose na agad? Right?

So happy to share with you a shop that I recently discovered, Great Expectations offer maternity clothes that are not just modern, fashionable but also most of their collection can be used upto your breastfeeding journey. Thank you Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Great Expectations team for introducing your clothing line to us.





Photo Credit to Great Expectations


  Super Chic and Fashionable Collection for Preggy Moms


Photo Credit to Great Expectations


And the good news is.. they’re on sale! (Tipid Mommy Tip: Always list the things that you needed to buy, and visit the stores social media update baka they’re on sale na, grab the chance!)

  • Buy a quality flat sandals – its so hard to move with a big baby bump, especially when wearing high heels aside sa hindi sya safe, mahirap talaga kumilos (promise!) kaya better get a quality flat sandals too in case you don’t have one. Mas maganda din yung may anti-slip feature, almost a year naman magagamit and even after giving birth.
  • New Undergarments – because breast became tender during pregnancy, it is good to invest on maternity bra with nursing access, I bought mine in SM Department Store for as low as P199 per nursing bra. I was able to use it even after giving birth.


Hope these tips can help you plan your “pregnancy wardrobe change” if you have more tips and questions, please feel free to share with us!

Enjoy your pregnancy journey! 



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