Practical Beauty Tips for Moms 

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Almost all moms I know are guilty of forgetting about themselves after having a child. Beauty becomes least of our priorities. we can all relate to quick shower time, overdue nail pedicure and our ever growing desire for “me time”.


That’s why mommies, I am happy to share with you some practical and on-a-budget beauty tips for us all:

  • Drink lots of water – due to loads of tasks that we need to do as a woman who wears many hats, we even forget to complete 6 to 8 glasses of water. So let’s try mommies to track our water in-take. That’s one of the secrets to a glowing and non-dry skin.



  • Add some colors to your cheeks – tints, blush-on can change our whole aura. you can get a good quality cheek tint for as low as $3.


  • Wear your style – when was the last time you dress-up mommy? It doesn’t need to be too trendy or “what’s in”. Something that you’re comfortable and speaks your personality would be a great ootd. Moms, I know on-the-go shirts and jeans are easy choices for us but dressing up once in a while can help us feel better of ourselves and boost those confidence level. (It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can save on Sales or buying pre-loved) 


  • Invest on your hair – as they say, our hair is our crowning glory. But for us moms, maintaining a long hair is quite challenging (especially when you have a toddler).  I was recently introduced to Black HairSpray – it is an online beauty shop with a wide collection of wigs, beauty care, hair care and more.  Black HairSpray’s has affordable drawstring ponytail that can give us moms an instant style and new look. These are available in different colors, hair style and length.



Those are some practical beauty tips for us mommies.

Feel free to share us yours :)





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