Playdate with Tupperware Brands Philippines

“Play is the highest form of research” -Albert Einstein 

I couldn’t agree more, I’ve noticed that my child learns a lot through play.. he was able to discover new things, and even explore his environment during playtime.

That’s why I’m so thankful I became part of Tupperware Brands Kids Playdate with my fellow Mom Bloggers.

Hooray! to Playtime!-2


Together with Gymboree, Tupperware Brands Ph hosted a playdate for our kids to enjoy. And look at their happy faces during the event.

Tupperbrands shared to us some important facts about of playtime: 

  • Playtime is child’s work(if we ,parents, have to work, then playtime is our child’s worktime)
  • Kids are able to use their senses as they explore the world around them whenever they play
  • And in our child’s world of imagination anything can happen and they can be anything – Yung little boy ko mahilig sya magpretend play, everyday iba’t-ibang super hero and profession! Haha!

Tipid Tip: Discounted ang mga costumes after Halloween Season Mommies kaya that’s the best time to buy them! Or buy pre-loved costumes! :)


Playtime Weapons

I also can relate to moms that after playtime medyo may amoy si little one, amoy araw or pawis.. good thing that Tupperware Brands introduced to us their Kids Plus+ Products:


✔️Clinically Proven Safe & Mild
✔️Dermatologist Tested
✔️Fun Fruity Scent
✔️4 years old and up

Even the bottle or packaging was carefully designed, bathtime collection’s bottle are yellow that stimulates energy, playtime collection’s bottle is green because this color associates with harmony, learning and growth mommies.

Anggaling ano? Not to mention, super cute ng design ng bottle kaya excited si Zee kapag bath time!

Christmas Gift Idea for babies 

They also have cutely-packed travel size bath essentials for babies 0-3 years old.

I’m sure your “kumare” or BFF would love this product for her little one or a gift for yourself too mommy? :)

“Baby Care Plus+ Gift Set” it is very handy, great for playdate meet-up with mommy friends, when visiting relative’s place or when traveling as a family. Para no need to bring yung big bottle for your little one.


✔️Dermatologist Tested
✔️Clinically Proven Mild & Safe
✔️Long lasting Fragrance to keep baby fresh all day
✔️Lamesoft Skin Protector – it forms a natural barrier to skin that protects while cleansing for smoother & softer skin

✔️The Lotion has Vitamin E mommies!

Each set has Baby Bath, Lotion & Powder it is available in different scents

For mild fresh baby scent in citru floral notes (Pink)

For powdery scent (Blue)

For creamy floral scent (Green)

These products are available in all Tupperware Distributors mommies at a very reasonable price.



Include this on your playtime must-haves inays! And be worry-free against unwanted smell ni baby.


To know more about Baby Care  & Kids Plus+ Products visit:

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