Nanay-On-A Budget Workshop

Nanay-On-A Budget Workshop is a hand-on workshop designed for wives and mommies.


The goal is at the end of the workshop each nanay will take home new method on how she will handle their family’s income, that she can apply in their unique income range and personality type.


Who should attend?

  • newly married wife
  • wives
  • mommies
  • stay at home moms
  • working moms
  • business woman


It tackles about:

  • Basic Budgeting 101
  • How to allocate your family funds
  • What budgeting system suits your income and personality
  • Tips on how to live “frugal” and “tipid” living
  • Tips on paying off debts
  • Basic Investment Options
  • More






Interested to bring the workshop to your office, mommy groups and meet-ups?

H’wag kang mahiya na i-email kami at



4 thoughts on “Nanay-On-A Budget Workshop

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  2. Hi Mommy

    How can I join po some of your workshops?
    I’m a stay at home home of 2 teenagers po and legally separated na den po

    Please advice


  3. Nanay on a budget workshop is a good way of helping Mom like me to be aware of how to handle finances properly. I hope I have this chance to attend and meet other moms especially Mommy Gracie ❤️
    God bless you and your family more Ms. Gracie 😊

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