Music and its Benefits in a Child’s Development + Affordable Music School

“Music is the art of thinking with sounds” -Jules Combarleu

Aside from hugs, kisses and I love yous.. music and Lullaby songs are our first way of communicating to our child.

Those soft songs.. will turn to happy beat.. to dancing beat with marching feet.

Being married to a musically-inclined person,no wonder my son, Zee, was born a music lover too. As early as 6-month old he is already into dancing and loves playing the drums.

Sharing with you the benefits of music for toddlers and preschoolers:

1. Brain Development – music helps the body and mind work together as a team, no wonder it benefits our child’s brain development. It improves a child’s motor skills by moving and their memory by remembering the sound of the song and its lyrics.



From : Children’s music specialist Meredith LeVande of“Music simply stimulates parts of the brain that are related to reading, math, and emotional development.


2. Confidence – whenever a child dance to the beat or play an instrument, he is expressing himself. Zee’s school organized a Summer Recital as the children ends their summer music class, performing in front of audience will definitely help in developing a child’s confidence.





3. Social Skills – we’ve noticed our son improves the way he interact with other kids, he became more friendly, he learned to wait for his turn, how to share and do things together with his classmates, and even to put back the instruments after each session.

IMG_1342  4


4. Develops Creativity – music allows the children to explore, and help them be more imaginative which develop or brings out their inborn creativity.

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5. Fun – they said “a singing child is a happy child”. In this early stage of our children’s life, like most parents, we want to fill it with joy and laughter, we want our children to learn things through music and through play, unaware that they are learning things because they are having fun.


Hello Calel! Teacher’s Shiela’s son :)

If you are looking for a music class for your child, we highly recommend,

Prodigy School of Music and Arts, owned and operated by Teacher Shiela and her husband Teacher Dhinz, who are both professional musicians and artists for more than 8 years already. They promote teaching music, visual and performing arts to children as early as 18 months old.

We love the set-up of their preschool music class, perfect for parents who are looking for a great play group while engaging their child to the gift of music and creativity. Teacher Shiela and Teacher Dhinz are very hands-on, their instruments are also updated and they even offer free playtime using their Spielgaben – educational toys after every music class sessions.

Prodigy School of Music and Arts offers different programs: preschool music class, personal music lesson, visual arts class and more at very reasonable rates.


The cute recitalists :)

To contact or know more about them: 

Veraville Executive Homes, Pamplona 2
Las Piñas, Metro Manila, PH
(02) 550-2705
Like them on facebook: Prodigy School of Music & Arts



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