Mommy Camille Prats & Practical Moms invest in children’s safety and quality products

In our country, we’re not that open and used to have car seats in our vehicle, most moms will just carry their babies while seated at the back of the car. (I am no excuse, guilty mom here) Shockingly mommies, it has been reported that an average of more than 600 children have died in road crashes from 2006 to 2014 here in our country.


Just how important are car seats for babies and kids? According to the World Health Organization, a good car safety system with rear-facing restraint can reduce the risk of injury for children aged 0-4 by 80 to 90%. Compared to having only a seat belt, where the risk of injury for children is reduced only by 32%.

Last year, the “Child Safety in Motor Vehicle Act of 2017″ was approved by the House of Representatives and is now for deliberation in the Senate.

To help raise awareness for children’s safety when travelling, Philippine TV’s beloved princess, Camille Prats Yambao is partnering with Joie™ a well-known global quality manufacturer of baby car seats, strollers, high chairs, and baby carriers.


Joie™ combined the highest standards of design, engineering and safety together with the most durable, kid proof materials to create products that make life with small children less work and more fun.

Mr. JP Tuason, President and Founder of Tuason Racing School & TRS Driver Development Academy, International Race car driver and champion and Road safety advocate shared some pointers on how to have a safe family travel.

Sharing with you some of his tips:


  • Make sure to have your tools, working spare tire, flashlight, charger, “go” bag and more inside your vehicle.
  • Always check your vehicle before traveling
  • Use safety equipment – seat belts for adults, car seat for babies and kids below 12 years old.

“I believe that safety is important, especially when we’re on the road with our children,” says Mommy Camille.


Since 2011, Joie™ has been making safety products for babies and toddlers worldwide. Popular in the UK, Europe and Middle East, the company’s high quality products are now available in the Philippines through their authorized distributor, Europlay Distributor Co. Inc.


Mr. JP Tuason, International Race car driver and champion and his wife, Camille Prats Yambao, Joie Brand Ambassador, Ms. Liza Yao, EVP, Europlay Distributor Co., Inc., and Mrs. Myrna Yao, CEO and President, Europlay Distributor, Co, Inc.,

Joie’s designs have garnered numerous awards, including the prestigious 2016 Best Baby and Toddler Gear Consumer Choice and Best Baby and Toddler Gear Gold Award for Literax 4, a fuss-free one-hand transporter, and  motor.



“Every Stage Car Seat – Different stages in one car seat mommies! (Big Savings!)”

Mommy Camille Prats Yambao recommends Joie’s Every Stage car seat. Which I also think is a great deal! 

one car seat for different stages mommies

The Every Stage car seat is  the ultimate transporter that makes growing up easy from birth to twelve years.  Grows every which way for every which stage.  Beginning as a rearward facing seat from birth to 18kg and converting to a forward facing seat from 9-36kg.

Did you know that wrong usage of seat belts can even cause injuries to our kids during a crash? that’s why car seat is a must to children 12 years old and below to make sure that seat belts are appropriate to their height.

“Pact Lite Stroller – easy to pack, easy to carry”

Mommy Camille currently uses and loves her newest Pact Lite stroller.  An exclusive one-hand fast and flat fold stroller package.  One of the smallest when collapsed.  Comes with a custom carry bag and strap, ready to travel even on an airplane.


Mommy Camille showed us how easy Pact Lite can be used :) perfect for on the go mommies!


For the young mother, the best part is that the products made by Joie are light enough to carry, quick to store into the car trunk or small spaces, and are built to last for a very long time.

“You can’t really put a price on your children’s safety, but I’m glad that Joie’s products are cost-effective and definitely worth it,” Mommy Camille says with confidence.


So glad to meet Mommy Bloggers Friends from our online community :)

Practical or “Wais” Moms invest on quality products and child’s safety.

Joie Ph Crib

This crib has a rocker, diaper changing station in one!

That’s exactly what I also love about Joie™ mommies, it goes far beyond the standard materials, engineering and safety but the price is very reasonable mommies. (On the Budget)



Not only that, this business operates with a purpose, Joie™ donates thousand of rehabilitation strollers to disabled and mobility-impaired children. When you purchase Joie products, you share in this charity work of Joie to bring every kid even those children who cannot walk and experience the world, actively like our kids.

Joie products are now available in SM Baby Company stores and leading department stores in the Philippines. Check out the latest products from Joie, which you can also order conveniently online at


What about you mommies? What are your family safety travel tips? I would love to hear from you.


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4 thoughts on “Mommy Camille Prats & Practical Moms invest in children’s safety and quality products

  1. I would gladly pay premium just to be sure my kids are safe. When my boys were younger there were very limited choices of strollers and car seats available. Nice that there are now more options for mommies to choose from. I love the Every Stage Car Seat, my eldest outgrew his so fast, I had to buy another one to fit him.

  2. That is a nice stroller because you can use it up to preschool age. I bought two car seats before, one when my son was a baby and second when he was a toddler. I still have his car seat pero ayaw na niya gamitin. hehehe!

  3. Andame ng recent studies na mahalaga talaga ang baby car seat. Kung ang mga matatanda nga dapat may seatbelt lage eh ang mga bata pa kaya? Grabee si Camille parang hindi nanganak! Pretty!

  4. I love the pack lite stroller and the carseat! Grabe sobrang tipid imagine until 12 years old. Sulit! I love supporting businesses “with a heart”. I love their advocacy : donates thousand of rehabilitation strollers to disabled and mobility-impaired children. Kudos to Joei!

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