Mary Poppins Returns Movie Review

Mary Poppins? For sure, some moms are already familiar, some of my friends even shared she is their childhood favorite, or maybe you’re like me, nakukwento din sya sainyo pero late bloomer din kagaya ko haha!


That’s why we are thankful when Disney Philippines invited our family for a special screening of Mary Poppins Returns at Vista Cinema Evia Lifestyle Center (Daanghari).

Here are the things that I love about the movie (as if there is a reason not to, haha!!):


  • It is good for all ages – aside from it is Parental G or suitable for all audience, it is indeed a family movie. I love that there are no foul languages in the movie, if you are extra conservative, even ang mga damit ng characters are all decent, no kissing scene nor too romantic scene too, that’s why it is really a thumbs up especially to those who will watch it with younger kids. It is definitely a wholesome family movie.

We watched it with our 5-year old little boy :)

  • It is full of adventure – Mary Poppins is a nanny who makes daily chores with the kids extra fun, loaded with adventures and will stretch your wide imagination. A plus point sa akin as a parent, dahil mas nadedevelop yung creative mind ng kids.

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“Maybe you have forgotten… …how to be a child” – From Mary Poppins Returns Movie Ito pala yung palaging kinikwento sakin ng tita and nanay ko noon. Anlakas makabata mommies! ❤️ If you are looking for a musical & adventure-filled movie for the whole family highly recommended ito 😊 Angganda! Pang standing ovation. Thank you #DisneyPH for inviting us sa advance screening ng #MaryPoppinsReturns at @vistacinemas Evia – antaray ng VIP Cinema superb facilities pati ang wash room high-tech amazed na amazed si Zee 😊 Isang tumbling lang sa ating mga tiga South! 😁 Sobrang ganda nung movie lalong ma-fafire up ang imagination ng kids. ⭐️ Showing this January 8. @evialifestylecenter #DisneyPH #FamilyTime #Enjoythelittlethings #Evia #SouthFinds #GraceAndFavors #ThankYouJesus

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  • An amazing musical movie – Music and movie, two things we all love, beautifully combined in Mary Popppins Returns. Nung tinanong ko yung little boy ko, ang favorite daw nyang part ng movie is yung mga scene na nag-dadance and sing.

       This is my favorite song from the movie mommy, napaluha ako dito. “The Place    Where Lost Things Go”


  • 5-Star Production- Emily Blunt played her role well, along with the whole cast, they all did well, plus sobrang amazing combination of live action and animation. Disney is known for its animated masterpieces and Mary Poppins Returns is surely among them and I love how they caught the vintage feel of the movie from the designs and sets of the movie. It is like I travelled back in time.  As I’ve shared on my personal wall, pang-standing ovation mommies.


  • Moral Lessons – It is loaded with money lessons about facing debts, savings and investment. The important role of a mother, on how family should be united in the midst of trials and challenges.


Hindi ko ma-speal ang mag lessons ‘cause I want you to watch the movie with your family mommies. Promise, it is worth your money and time.

And the movie experience is even heightened up by the superb facilities of Vista Cinema. The amazing surround sound was perfect for this musical and the..


“Maybe you have forgotten… forgot how to be a child” -Old Lady from Mary Poppins Returns


This. This line that really hit me hard, kelan nga ba ang last time na nag-play tayo? Hindi nag-worry? When was the last time we laughed like a child? When was the last time you ate your favorite snack like a kid? When was the last time you imagine impossible things?

Being a parent plus our busy society will make us forget to slow down, to play and enjoy the simple things of life. It is good to be reminded to never forget to enjoy life like a child again.

I would love to tell you more about this movie and I could go on and on about it but I think it would be best if you too would experience it yourselves. This is definitely a great investment not only for your children but even to us parents and the whole family’s memory.

Saka mga mommies, ang-ganda ng #VistaCinemas, sa mga tiga South, sa Evia Lifestyle Center lang ito. They now have iMax 4D and VIP Cinema.



Lazy Boy Chairs with Blankets and they also have many food booths to choose from kaya pang-family time talaga!


Yay! Hope this post excites you more to watch the movie. Our family can’t wait until Mary Poppins Return Again.



4 thoughts on “Mary Poppins Returns Movie Review

  1. To be honest, hindi ako familiar sa Mary Poppins kaya parang gusto ko rin panoorin. I hope maabutan ko pa siya sa cinema. May money lessons din pala.

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