Local & high quality perfume brand : Scentsmith Perfumery

When we meet someone, one of the first things we can notice to a person is their scent? their scent somehow represent their personality. Di ba mommies?

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Honestly, getting the right perfume scent is quite challenging for me.
Ang sure lang ako ay, I’m into floral or fruity scent. I’ve learned from a visit to Scentsmith Perfumery shop in Greenbelt 5, na depende pala ang scent sa acidity and lifestyle ng person. Are you more into indoor tasks or outdoor? Palagi bang naka-aircon or field work? and many more factors moms.Scentsmith Perfumery, which means an expert on scents, offers the public just that – an unparalleled knowledge and leadership on the art of scents.

Sharing what I love about Scentsmith Perfumery:


  • Personalized – true to its name, smith meaning work of an artisan. There’s a special touch in every bottle, not to mention angganda din ng packaging. Basic and simple yung bottles nila, it is very straightforward packaging, may clear details din ng ingredients.

Here’s a sample mommies, I got a bottle para kay husband :) perfect din sya as    a gift di ba?



  • Local Brand – proudly Pinoy, one of my target gifts for this year ay mga local brands, #support local, and Scentsmith ay one those high quality local brands that we all can really be proud of.


  • Safe Ingredients – it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Their products are formulated without parabens, SLES, phthalate, mineral oil, petroleum, paraffin, and DEA. 

“Consumers these days are very conscious of what goes inside the products they use. But there are still a lot of people who do not understand how to get the proper scent that would suit their lifestyles best – a person who is exposed to high humidity cannot use the same perfume as someone who stays indoors the whole day,” said Abdon.



  • Value for money – as you know mommies, one of my “tipid tip” is investing in quality products. Yung quality nung Scentsmith Perfumery superb talaga, long lasting din sya, sinubukan sya ni husband and matagal mawala yung scent nya. Considering the quality, personalized item and the packaging, sulit na!


Ngayon, I understand na that scent is affected by various elements like the our body’s state, environment and weather.

Madaming scents yung pwede pagpilian mommies, pero ang pinaka-type ko for female yung Lavander Nectarine and for my husband I chose their Pink Pepper Leather.

Aside from perfume, they also offer products like body care, hair care and home products. One of these is the Loo Drops, that primarily used to keep the bathroom smelling fresh. Perfect both sa home and office use di ba mommies?




What about you moms? Do you have another gift idea for your husbands this coming Christmas?




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