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Seed Planted

When I was between 7 to 9 years old, every weekend naghuhugas ako ng plato as eatery ng mga tita ko during summer vacation and they give me 50 pesos as their “thank you for helping titas sweldo” and it made me happy.

When I was 14 years old, my uncle who’s working from a well-known Ice Cream Chain, offered me a summer job every weekend in a high-end resort “tiga scoop and tiga bigay ng free taste” pero doon ako nagstart mangarap that one day i will be the guest sa mga resort gaya nun..

Because I was exposed to hard work and earning at a very young age, I learned the value of saving and dreamt bigger dreams.. often times kapag sinasabi ko na gusto ko magkaroon ng building at gusto ko magkanegosyo.. sinasabihan pa ako “wag masyado mataas ang pangarap baka di matupad”

But I’m thankful that God has planted in my heart the desire to be in business. He is the giver of Dreams, Gifts and Passions.



“Great opportunities often disguise themselves in small tasks”

I’ve been through different companies as well in different industries, but It so happened na parang naging training ground ko yung mga naging work ko, I’ve learned customer service when I worked as a Travel Advocate, I’ve learned managing people when I worked in an advertising company and I’ve learned marketing when I worked in a construction firm.

Zechariah 4:10  Is indeed true in my life, my past experiences, past hurts didn’t happen for nothing.

My husband and I learned many business lessons the hard way and I believe that every entrepreneur and aspiring entrepreneurs should invest in learning to avoid repeating the same mistake – “learn from other people’s experience”

But if you already failed in business.. don’t quit yet.. remember..


This coming Saturday, I’ll be attending a workshop about pursuing business. It is one of our goals to level up our business this year and one way to do this is to equip ourselves with knowledge and learnings from seminars and workshops such as these.

Let’s get down to business is a workshop especially made for people who wants to jump off to the market place, those who have ideas and want to make it into reality, those who are like me before, who wanted to say goodbye to 9:00-5:00pm and be an entrepreneur. Or maybe someone who’s in the same boat like us, who wanted to learn more as we level up our business.




If you are interested to join this workshop too

Check out this link for more details (Workshop’s Objectives, Inclusions, Rates and Mode of Payment)



Discount Alert! Dine at "Hugot Cafe" and ask their representative for the promo code :)

Discount Alert! Dine at “Hugot Cafe” and ask their representative for the promo code :)


Hope to see you there friends!


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