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Nov 14, 2015 | Mommy Finds

Being an 80’s kid, I spent my childhood playtime in the street. I’ve pretended to be Pink Ranger, a Truck Driver, a Bride and a Teacher during our “Teacher, Teacheran play” my playmates doesn’t have any choice because I am the oldest so I am the Teacher. Haha!

In this modern era, because of video games, mobile apps, TV Shows and Internet, I can rarely see children playing street games and do pretend play. And surprisingly my two-year boy knows how to operate the iPad.

Being more intentional now, I want my little Zee to really experience childhood playtime. More than physical play like biking, running and sliding, I’ve read that pretend play is really important in every child’s development (link here)



Here are of the benefits of pretend plays:

  • Develops Creativity – because kids use their imagination during pretend plays, their creativity develops too. Even their problem-solving gifts and resourcefulness.

  • Special Bonding – pretend plays makes mommy and daddy focus on the make-believe story or game, making it an undivided and a special bonding for the family.


  • Speech Development – like reading books, pretend play lets your little one hear you speak words while acting it out, and I also agree to what other moms says “Children learn more when they are happy”, Pretend play indeed is a learning process through play.


  • Stress Relief for Parents – whenever I enter my child’s imaginary world, It felt like I was given a chance too to escape my normal routine- the household chores, the work deadlines and more. It makes you feel like a 7-year old again. I can also see how my husband enjoys playing with our little man.

I swear its fun! One of our favorite pretend play is “SUPER HEROES”  little Zee enjoyed “FLY! FLY! FLY! Moment” before bed time.




You can get a mask and cape like this from Litte Human Co., they also have wooden food toys perfect for pretend play “Chef or Restaurant Owner” We also love their 100% Natural Play Dough.


We super love Little Human’s Reversible Cape and Mask 🙂


We also support Little Human Co. because they’re local business owners and are parents too, they sell products that they think best to their own child.

Check their cool capes and mask (available in different colors) and educational toys perfect for pretend play

10421619_461403367359177_6923189253992259332_n dough paints



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