How to prevent diabetes?

Jan 18, 2019 | Health is Wealth

Life is indeed sweet but not with diabetes. My parents and relatives have history of diabetes and I really want to keep diabetes at bay in my family. As I’ve observed, parang sa lifestyle nila nakuha ang diabetes. Imbalanced diet, excessive sweet treats and more. If like me, you also want to prevent getting diabetes, let me share with you some tips mommies:


  • Keep an active lifestyle – being a hands-on mom, countless ang tasks natin today, and squeezing a time for exercise seems impossible on our crowded schedule. But if we are serious about preventing diseases like diabetes, it is a must to put exercise on our daily routine.

  • Include high in fiber food in your diet – I’ve researched that fiber-rich meals can    help us prevent diabetes. These can be found in oats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.


  • Limit sweets and processed food – I know sweet tooth moms like me will really find this tip hard. Shocks! Ansarap ng cake and cookies! We can still eat them naman but of course, we have to  eat sweet treats in moderation, as well as processed meals. Fresh meals are always the better option.
  • Always have a regular check up –  let us always include a regular check up in our budget and schedule. By monitoring our glucose level and having a regular appointment with our physician, it can help us a lot in preventing not just diabetes but all kinds of diseases.

By the way, if you also have a parent or relative who has diabetes, I saw “Glucerna” in a drug store last weekend, and found out that it can help patients with diabetes as meal replacement. High in Protein pero less in sugar ito mommies. Perfect pasalubong or thank you gift sa ating mga parents. It  is also available online through Lazada.


I hope these tips help you mommies on how we can prevent diabetes. As moms, let us also put our health and wellness on top of our priorities, dahil mas maalagaan natin ang ating pamilya kapag tayo mismo ay malusog at walang sakit di ba?


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