How to give back to our elderly parents?

Being a mother myself, I’ve realized the amount of sacrifices my parents made in order to take care of us and provide for me and my siblings.

And sometimes, due to the load of tasks we have and our busy schedule, we often forget to even just check on them. And I’m sure, given a chance, we would grab every opportunity to give back to our beloved parents for all that they have given us.


Sharing with you mommies some ways on how we can show our love and care for our parents especially the elderly ones amidst our busy time:


  • Stay connected – never lose connection, give them a phone where you can call them anytime. Schedule a specific day calling them even once a week.


  • Date them – put a special lunch or dinner date with them in your calendar and relive  the moments when they were the ones who used to take us to our favorite restaurants when we were kids.


  • Visit the doctor together – assist them in visiting their physician for their annual check up or follow-up check up.


  • Give them nutritional supplements – provide their nutritional supplements to keep them healthy and strong ; vitamins, healthy meals and milk like Ensure.

           Untitled design-45

           Ensure is known to be very beneficial especially to adults and elderly to complete their nutritional needs.


It can be a good meal or snack for them. You can take advantage of the current sale in Shopee mommies.


Grab their latest promos and discounts.


There is nothing like giving back the care and love to the ones who gave all their love and care for us.  Hope this list will help you have an idea on how to show love and care to our dear parents. Let us not forget the sacrifices they made for us when we were still little.




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