How important is sleep in your child’s growth?

We parents can all agree that we can spot our child’s change of behavior when they lack sleep, di ba mommies? Moody, uneasy and a little cranky sila when they are sleepy or when they lack sleep. It is one proven sign that sleep plays a big role in our child’s body and brain.


Did you know mommies na ito pala ang sleeping requirement ng kids?





My son Zee is 5 years old, 10 to 13 hours of sleep ang need nya. Kaya kailangan talaga sa preschooler years ay may “nap time” pa rin after school.


  • Sleep helps the child grow

We can all agree to our grandparents famous saying “matulog para lumaki”. Did you know that our child’s body and brain develops while they are asleep? It gives our child’s body a time to recharge, and for growth hormones to work.

Na-amazed din ako nung nag-calculate kami ng potential height ni little boy namin based on my height and husband’s height, he can grow as tall as 6 FT. Given the right nutrition, good sleeping habits and vitamins for him. (You can also check and calculate your child’s potential height here mommies. Ansaya na may ganito pala, hehe.)


  • Sleep helps in good weight management

There’s a study that children who lacks sleep are more prone to obesity. So when our child gets the right amount of sleep and rest, we are also protecting our child from being overweight.


  • Sleep improves child’s immune system

Like adults, when we lack sleep, we easily get sick. Same with our children, when they have adequate amount of sleep, they have extra protection against sickness and viruses.

And to help Zee grow more in height, weight and immunity. We are currently trying out Pediasure (and Similac).


We tried itong Chocolate Flavor nila (they also have the Vanilla Flavor). They say and most mom friends shared that there’s visible growth after 8 weeks. Nakakagana, nakakatangkad, nakakalusog at nakakalakas daw ito momshies.


Nakakatuwa din kasi it comes with FREE Hot Wheels car. I also love that it’s lactose and gluten free.  

Kasama din sila sa upcoming 11.11 Lazada sale mommies. For sure, bigger ang discounts especially ng mga bundled deals. Laking tipid nun!  

Check out this link mommies for great deals.

What about you moms? Do you have sleeping routine tips at home?



8 thoughts on “How important is sleep in your child’s growth?

  1. Sleep is a constant source of battle in our house! With my teenager anyway. My daughter has no problem with sleeping, she conks out usually a little after 8pm without being told. My teenager on the other hand is a different story. Ugh.

  2. I didn’t know about the exact sleep requirement, though I know it’s really important to get enough good sleep especially sa younger kids. With my 5 years old son, it’s a problem minsan ayaw niya mag nap if he’s alone.

  3. I wish I could sleep more! It’s the one thing I’m missing out most on. I try to get my youngest to bed early so he gets at least 8hrs. My teens on the other hand need to sleep more!

  4. yung kiddos ko problema matulog. kasi naman lagi gusto kasabay yung pamangkin ko na super late matulog. ayon pag gabi lagi may konte sermon kahit sabihin ko na may classes sila bukas 😅

  5. Yes, growing kids really need enough amount of sleep for proper growth and development. My little man is 9 but he would still get cranky when he is sleepy in the afternoon that is why I try to make him nap when he comes home from school as much as I can.

    This is an interesting brand. My son used to take a lactose-free formula, so I guess this will also work well on him. I wonder if they have a variant for bigger kids, though.

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