How to handle child’s picky eating?

Picky eater ba ang anak nyo mommies? Yung may preference lang sya ng gusto nya na food? We are thankful na ang anak namin ay maagang na-introduce sa iba’t ibang food. Pero I noticed, when he entered his preschool years, nag-iba yung mga preference nya. Like before, he can finish a bowl of carrots on his own, now, may days na ayaw nya ng carrots sa plate. And I’m surprised na almost all moms I know ay ito ang concern especially kids in their preschooling age.

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So I’ve researched and also asked different moms and I’m excited to share with you the techniques that work in our family mommies in dealing with child’s picky eating:


  • Set an example – do you want your kids to eat vegetables? They should see it first from us. As parents, we cannot teach them something that we ourselves don’t do, we are the best model in proper eating habits.


  • Don’t tolerate picky eating – Someone shared to us that her son doesn’t eat anything except fried food, kaya iba ang ulam ng anak nila sakanilang mag-asawa. I honestly felt something is wrong. Kapag nasanay ang anak natin na sila ang masusunod sa food, they will not learn to eat whatever is on the table.


  • Introduce new food with patience – supporting our tip #2, we need to introduce new food to our children without forcing and making their meal time traumatic and no longer fun. Let’s be creative in introducing new food, pwedeng Bento Style or sa amin nag-work yung may mga stories na related sa bagong gulay. We also talk about the health benefits of the vegetable or the new food.


  • Give healthy snack options – we all can agree na mahilig sa sweets ang mga kids. Instead of giving them chocolates, candies and chips during snack time. We can substitute it with healthy snacks like breads, cereals, fruits and healthy drink like fresh milk, fresh juice or yung mga nutritional drink like Pediasure, nakaka-increase din daw ito ng appetite ng bata. Sa Lazada mas mura sya mommies dahil may mga bundled deals.


  • Involve kids in meal planning – asking our kids on what they want for dinner, or asking to pick the fruit that they want to eat will also encourage them to eat healthier meals. Di ba ang mga kids, feeling nila matanda din sila kapag involve sila sa daily tasks. Hehe. Plus they would also feel that their opinions are important and recognized in your family.


Hope these simple tips mommies will also help you in dealing with your child’s picky eating. Kaya natin ito mga mommies.





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