High Quality Stove “La Germania” at Chic Driven

Moms, we all can agree that La Germania stoves are high quality and really long lasting.

As I’ve shared before, yung stove namin ni husband, was given as a wedding gift and 7 years na, still works the same!

Did you also know that La Germania is now 46 years? Kitchen Legend talaga.

We, moms, ladies, working moms and stay at home moms, we all have different kitchen needs.  Because we all have different and unique family scenarios. Some moms, love cooking every meals, yung Nanay ko, she can spend her whole day cooking and preparing meals for our family.

While moms like me, only cooks once to twice a day, and usually I go to quick to prepare meals because we do not have household helper and I know work from home moms can relate to our unending to do lists at home.

La Germania understands that every woman has different needs, especially when it comes to preparing meals for herself and her loved ones.

What’s great about La Garmania, no matter what our cooking styles are, there’s a stove range that will fit our needs, considering how reliable and durable their stoves are di ba mommies? 

ChicDriven 2018-10-10 at 4.46.27 PM

Brand advocates and husband and wife culinary team Chefs Rolando and Jac Laudico conducted a cooking demo during the expo, an annual event that advocates helping women become even better versions of themselves.

Kitchen adventures

The Chic Driven Expo, originally conceived as a motoring event for empowering women on the road, has evolved to feature more aspects of a modern woman’s life, and La Germania aspire to be at the forefront of every woman’s kitchen adventure.

During the Expo’s two-day run, La Germania launched new products and hosted demonstrations that showed the ladies just what a great range can do for her and her family. 

Chef Rolando and Chef Jac Laudico introduced two new stylish models that are workhorses in the kitchen: the G702EF and the FS521 00BG.


Untitled design (20)

The former is a gas stove with a white porcelain enamel-coated body and large double gas burners, while the latter is a free standing range with an elegant black porcelain enamel- coated body that houses two gas burners, an electric hot plate, and a gray porcelain enamel coated oven cavity with a manual oven.

Mas pina-better pa mommies.

After i-showcase nila chefs ang new models, both Chefs also demonstrated the brand’s reliability and performance with on-the-spot cooking demonstrations where they whipped up delicious quick-fire dishes using different La Germania products.

Sobrang dami namin natutunan na kitchen hacks, like yung salt pala hindi sya pangpalasa lang but it does help lumabas yung natural flavors na mga ingredients ng isang dish.. saka yung butter mas healthy sa margarine and etc.

Each dish took less than half an hour to prepare, a perfect nod to today’s modern lifestyle where every minute counts, and a complement to the way most women need to manage their schedules: a delicate balance of time spent preparing dinner and then relaxing and enjoying it. 

Untitled design (21)

Here’s Chef Jac’s no flour cake, pero sobrang sarap, amazed pa rin ako na possible pala to make a cake na walang flour.

Untitled design (22)

La Germania, the leading kitchen appliance brand that’s been loved and relied on by Filipino cooks for generations, keeps things fresh and vibrant by supporting every woman’s challenging role in modern times. 

Tipid Tip: Always invest on quality products, it will save more in the long run.


What about you mommies? Do you also use La Germania stove at home?


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