Health is Wealth: Cancer Prevention Tips + The New Treatment to Cancer

cancer can be cured.

In the Philippines, cancer is one of the leading cause of morbidity and mortality.

Last week, I, together with other moms from mommy bloggers Philippines, have been given a privilege to interview Doctor Mu Feng, Vice President of Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital regarding facts about Cancer.

We’ve asked him on how we, moms and our families, can prevent cancer and live a healthier life? 

Doctor Feng shared that:

✔️regular exercise
✔️balanced diet
✔️quit smoking
✔️limit meat
✔️avoiding fried and raw food (steamed & boiled meals are better) and
✔️avoiding processed meat & even products that are high in chemicals can help us prevent cancer.

Doctor Mu Feng suggested that when a woman reaches the age of 35 she should have a regular breast check up. Even women under 35 years of age should develop a habit of checking our breast after our monthly period.

And mommies, according to Doctor Mu Feng, breastfeeding moms have a lower risk of having breast cancer. That’s why it is beneficial not just for the babies but for the mothers as well.

Doctor Mu Feng also shared to us a new treatment that can destroy cancer.

Aside from the common radiation or chemotheraphy. Guangzhoud Fuda Cancer Hospital is using “brachytherapy” for treatment of cancer patients.

I got curious about this new therapy that brings new hope for cancer patients, because last year, our mama-la (my father’s aunt) and our lolo (husband’s grandfather) died because of cancer.

That’s why we can relate on how hard it is to see someone you love suffering from cancer. Our mama-la lost her strength and was bed riden after her sessions of radiations. That’s why I am glad that Fuda Hospital educated us about the “brachytherapy”.

What is brachytherapy?

It is an iodine seeds implantation therapy.

This is approved by US FDA and has been widely accepted and used in Europe and the United States. China is the first country to introduce and practice this technology in Asia.

How it works? 

The radio-therapy source of this technique is the tiny metal particles (seeds). These seeds release a low voltage and short-ranged gamma ray.

With a long needle-like injection gun loaded with the seeds doctors inject the radioactive seeds uniformly one by one inside the cancer.

procedure of iodine seeds implantation

Photo from Fuda Hospital

The seeds implanted into cancerous masses and nearby tissue radiate targeted cells and ultimately destroy the cancer.

What about the side effects? 

It offers patients a shorter recovery time and has less chance of troubling side effects compared with the external beam radiation.

Doctong Mu Feng shared that there’s no hair loss  in brachytherapy unlike other radiation treatment.

What are the advantages compared to external radiotherapy:
• High curative effect

• Less and slight side effects – The dose of radiation received by the surrounding normal organs is very small, so it does not cause damage to skin, tissues and organs as external radiotherapy does.

• the procedure takes only about one to two hours.

•  it can be combined with other ablation therapies to prevent recurrence of tumors caused by incomplete ablation.

•  it can enhance the therapeutic effect of chemotherapy and hyperthermia on local tumors.

Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital is one the best oncology hospitals in China that have been approved to carry out this treatment.

In the past 10 years, Guangzhou Fuda Cancer Hospital has completely nearly 10,000 cases of iodine seed implantation therapy.

Untitled design-25

This therapy is applicable to treat:
Pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, malignant glioma, cervical cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, oral and tongue cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, malignant thymoma, malignant lymphoma, metastatic lymph node cancer, bladder cancer,kidney cancer, bone cancer etc.

If you have a relative or you know someone who has cancer, they are giving second opinion consultation and FREE cost estimate for the treatment procedures in Fuda China, assistance in Securing China Visa and more.

Requirements needed for consultation:
– biopsy test or pathological test report
– CT scan or MRI scans report
– Medical Summary or Medical Abstract Report
– Other Cancer related reports

Office Address:
Fuda Makati Satellite Office
Unit 901-A Centuria Medical Makati Building
Kalayaan Avenue Corner Salamanca Street Brgy. Poblacion Makati City 1210.


Office Hour:
Monday to Friday
9am to 3pm

By appointment basis:
Please contact
Mr.Segundo Cruz III
Fuda Coordinator

Mobile: 0917 775 34 26
Landline: 02 507 34 26
Facebook: Fuda Cancer Hospital – Philippines

Cancer may be a serious health problem, but there’s hope, never lose faith that God is bigger than any kinds of disease.

Thankful too to new innovations and discoveries like this, let us share this good news that there’s hope to beat cancer.



5 thoughts on “Health is Wealth: Cancer Prevention Tips + The New Treatment to Cancer

  1. Cancer is really scary. I have family and relatives who died because of cancer. It is really important to know how we can prevent this and how to cure it. I hope more people can beat this disease.

  2. I just learned about this treatment recently. I already shared the info with two friends of mine who have loved ones with cancer. I hope it will be able to help them.

  3. Even though cancer is not in our family history, it’s still not a guarantee that I am exempted. Nakakatakot talaga magkaron ng cancer. But like you said, our God is greater than any sickness. I’m happy to hear that there are new medical innovations like this now to beat cancer.

  4. I wish we knew this treatment way back 2011. Halos same din naman ang magagastos namin. But anyway, I’m glad at least hindi na scary pag usapan ang tungkol sa cancer kasi there are so many ways on how to cure it. Thanks for sharing sis!

  5. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death, we should be careful what to eat and also always consult our doctor. Our health is our wealth that’s why we should be aware of cancer. Thank God because may mga treatment na at pwede pang maagapan.

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