Gift Ideas for Lolo and Lola

Mommies,do you have fun memories? Or does your parents play a big role in your children’s life today?

Madalas ang common sa mga lolo and lola ay sila ang spoilers ng kids natin, hehe. But this is because of their love for their apo’s (grandchildren) syempre.



And this season is one of the perfect occasions to honor and show our love for them.

And if you are thinking of a gift for our beloved lolo’s and lola’s this Christmas,

Here are some gift ideas mommies:


  • Staycation – lolo and lola will surely enjoy a day of rest in a different environment. A staycation in a nearby hotel is one of the best Christmas gift we can consider for them. Buti nalang madami na din discounted na rooms online mommies which we can find using travel apps in our smart phones.


  • Massage Oils – a simple bottle but can really excite any lolo and lola. Aromatic oils or massage oils are highly recommended too especially our dear grandparents are already experiencing body aches and pains.


  • Photobook – nothing is more sweeter than a compilation of family photos including our old pictures mommies with them plus ofcourse their happy moments with our kids. Grandparents love reminiscing happy memories with people they love.
  • Wellness related products – we want our lolos and lolas to live a healthier and longer life. Anything related to their health is a good gift idea too. It is also our way of saying “I care for you and we love you”.

Nutritional milk like “Glucerna” is the number 1 Doctor recommended diabetes nutrition formula. It has a new blend of ingredients with low Glycemic index. May heart-friendly fat blend din sya kaya healthy para sa pinakamamahal nating mga lolos and lolas.

Untitled design-47

And the great news moms is you can get big discounts when you buy it this 11.11 dahil kasali sya sa mga sale ng Abbott Products sa Lazada. (Check the link here)


Hope these list help you decide on what gift you want to give your dear grandparents and our parents this Christmas.

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