From a Happy Go Lucky Wife to a Hands On BusinessMom 

6:00 Wake up and prepare breakfast, lunch, merienda for Hubby

7:00 Back to sleep

9:00 Quiet time then life starts


By life starts, I mean browse on Facebook, check out new recipes, write on my blog, read a book or meet friends. Sometimes I have raket sometimes I don’t, so insert that in between.


Fast forward to when I became a mom…


2:05 Wake up to breastfeed

3:45 Wake up to breastfeed

5:00 Wake up to breastfeed

6:25 Wake up to breastfeed


Repeat all throughout the day.


 photo FB_IMG_1492073080914_zpsqkaanrjb.jpg


To say that my life changed when I became a mom is an UNDERSTATEMENT. My life has never been the same. I had never slept the same way I had before. I had never had the same freedom I had. It was just uhm… hard in the truest sense of the word! But because of this transition too, I learned to depend on God more than I ever had before. I learned to truly live “only by God’s grace”. 


Even at a point of exhaustion and constant battle with sleep deprivation, my heart still longs for a business that I know will help me divert my attention from motherhood stress.


There were 2 things I learned thru my journey as a BusinessMom:

  1. God sustains. I don’t know how I do what I do. Household chores, taking care of my toddler while I am pregnant and running a business without a helper! Sometimes I just cry in frustration but at the end of the day, I know God sustains and tomorrow will be another day!


My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever Psalm 73:26 


  1. God cares. When you become a mom, sometimes it feels like there is nothing else you can do but that – be a mom! But I realized that God still cares about our desires. Last year, I started a new venture, The Fulfilled Women, where I help women find and pursue their calling. And by God’s grace, I am also launching an ecourse on April 28: The Roadmap to a Fulfilled Life I know these won’t come into existence without God. He cares about my passion and he does care about yours too.


 photo Title_zpsxvqoyfnh.png


My life as a BusinessMom for the past 2 years has many ups and downs. There are times I just wanted to give up – either my business or motherhood. But again and again, God reminds me that He is bigger than anything I go through!


My challenge for you is to pray that God will also reveal to you his will regarding your career or business and just fully trust God in the process.




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Viviene Bigornia is a wife and a mom of 2. She blogs over at One Happy Momma and The Fulfilled Women. She is on a mission in helping women find and pursue God’s calling in their lives so they can have a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

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