Firehouse Pizza (Crimson Hotel) Review

My boys love pizza, we usually have a pizza night once a month. Kaya when we heard about the newest addition to Crimson Hotel Filiinvest City’s dining – Firehouse Pizza, na-excite talaga ako. 

Sharing with you what I like about it:

  • Good Ambiance – There’s something about wood and brick walled theme, nakakarelax sya. It is very clean and comfortable to stay both for family pizza time nor a bonding place with friends. We dropped by around 6PM and it is not too crowded.

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  • High Quality Ingredients – they are using sourdough based and italian cheese making their pizza really superb! Ansarap mommies, lasa mo yung premium ingredients especially yung choices ng cheese nila, winner.

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  • Customer Service – I love how friendly and accommodating their staff are.  Kids will also enjoy the open fire oven area wherein servers are preparing and tossing their pizzas.
  • Value for Money – considering the quality and taste, pasok sa budget sya. P150+ lang yung mga frappes nila, plus their pizza you can get as low as P500. By the way, one size lang yung pizza nila, prices will vary depending on the type of cheese that you will use. One pizza will be enough for me, my husband and my kid. Pero sa taste nya parang atleast dalawa sana hahaha!

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As I always share, I am not against eating out, even I am a frugal person, our family loves eating out and discovering new places, its just a matter of putting a budget on your family bonding saka tayong mga Pinoy, pagkain ang bonding natin. Di ba?

Firehouse Pizza is definitely a must-try here in the South! 


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