Family Picnic Day featuring Tupperware’s Pak-A-Lot

This year, we are aiming to spend more quality time together and to stick on our family’s budget. We want to be more intentional in using our time and our resources this year.


And yes mommies, we’re thinking of more creative ways to lessen our family’s spending since we are currently living on a single income stream, but we don’t want to sacrifice family quality time.

Because that’s how we spell love in our family = Time. Quality time is my husband’s love language and so is my son’s.

And you know what’s the most budget-friendly family day activity or bonding? PICNIC! 

Family Picnic Day-3

We’re thankful that Tupperware introduced “Pak A Lot” to our family.

It is light weight and easy to carry – making it suitable for on the go mommies or families.

Family Picnic Day-2

It is made of high quality material (I know agree kayo dyan kasing tanda ko ata yung mga tupperware items ng nanay ko) scratch proof din sya mommies.

Colors are bright and happy – who doesn’t enjoy fun colors right? Our little Zee loves it too! (Sya pa nag-lagay ng baon nyang cookies sa lalagyan)

Pak A Lot is available in 3 colours mommies – Purlicious, Popsicle and Lupine, for only Php 1799 each.




Plus it comes with freebies pa, you can choose your preferred gift set depending on your needs:

– 2 pcs. mini wonders rectangular (P179), 1 pc. small square rounds (P239) and 1 pc. medium square rounds (P289)

– 5 pcs. mini wonders rectangular set (P 179 x 5)

– 3 pcs. medium square rounds set (P239 x 3)

– 3 pcs. small square rounds set (P289 x 3)

Multiple Usage – not only its perfect for family picnic day but it can be used in different ways, for your mom stuff or kids craft items or for home schoolers, since most of us are on-the-go, its perfect for our kids learning materials too.

Family Picnic Day

Excited to plan your Family Picnic Day with Tupperware Pak A Lot?


Dont forget to bring the following for your fun & tipid or “budget-friendly” picnic day:

  • Tupperware Pak-A-Lot (and your own home-cooked meals)
  • Blanket to cover the grass
  • Bubbles
  • Telescopes are good for night picnic
  • Kite – this is our next item to buy for Zee
  • Bike or Scooter for your kids
  • Anti-insect repellant
  • Own water thumbler

My husband and I are planning to bring running shoes on our next picnic day so we can have short jogging exercise before or after the picnic bonding. Para sulit ang family day!

Where is your favorite Park mommies?

We want to experience more go-to parks! Hope to hear from you inays!


To order and to know more about this product, you can contact any Tupperware Distributor or visit the following:


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18 thoughts on “Family Picnic Day featuring Tupperware’s Pak-A-Lot

  1. I love this product of Tupperware. It encourages families to really go outdoors. And the colors are fun to look at. Plus it seems like so easy to carry.

    We started our new year enjoying the outdoors. We had our picnic at the Quezon City Memorial Circle and we plan to do more of that in the coming months.

  2. I love picnics! It is one of the things I cherish because you can really spend time and bond with your loved ones without spending more money plus, you can teach your kids the value of nature. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I grew up in a home filled by Tupperware products because my mother likes the brand. I can even remember the Sunday lunches with gelatin (thanks to Tupperware for the molds). I also have a similar pak-a-lot container from Tupperware (a green one) that my daughter loves to use as her hiding place when she was still a toddler. The brand is really matibay and brings back a lot of childhood memories for me.

  4. I remember our neighbor used to have Tupperware parties before! I love our Tupperware’s when we were growing up- our go-to baunan and trinket organisers. I hope to introduce these to my daughters too.

    On a different note, I love to bring my kids to picnics too. I wish we had more clean, safe and nice parks. Where did you take your family?

  5. I love picnics but haven’t tried the one where you’ll spread mat sa grass. My husband kasi is quite strict hahahah, ayaw niya sa grass, baka raw may mga insect so kapag nasa park kami, kahit maubos ang time kakahanap ng magandang table.

  6. Collecting Tupperware can be very addicting. I want them all. Haha :) In Tarlac, the parks I love are Luisita and Maria Cristina park. Here in Jeddah, families often go to the seaside by the Red Sea. :)

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