Depressed to Determined

Managing a business while being a mom is really not an easy job, there were days I felt stuck and hostaged by my son – days I felt sad, unproductive and depressed ,but I thank God for His daily grace and patience.

Are you a dreamer too? Do you have many goals, Kaso feeling mo hindi mo magagawa ngayon kasi andaming “mommy duties”?

Motherhood shouldn’t stop us from dreaming.. But dreaming doesn’t mean we have to forget about our family and pursue our own wants and passions.




We are all created unique with different talents, skills and experiences, because we have different purposes and assignment in this world. If you know God has called you in specific areas to minister to people ,to share your God-given talents and skills. Go girl! Definitely, He has a perfect timing for that!

This book by my friend Viviene Bigornia inspired me to get the pen, list my goals and dream on again.


(She’s also the author of the book  “7 things every wife should know” )

The book, Depressed to Determined, discussed the struggles of being a mompreneur (the dreamer inside of us battling with our hearts to be a fulltime mom), many mothers can surely relate to her story.

She shared steps in (6) six short chapters that we can be determined again to achieve our goals in life.

Each chapter has an exercise and application called “Your Turn” that makes it more than a book but a tool to help us keep going.

If you lack motivation, if you are in that season of questioning your path or your goals, this book is a must-read!

Her e-book is currently FREE*** for a limited time
so grab this opportunity, download it now!

Amazon Link click here “Depressed to Determined”

2 thoughts on “Depressed to Determined

  1. Something tells me I need this book in my life. :))

    Hello Gracie, blog hopping from the Pursuit Manila bloggers thread. I just thought I’d drop by to say, keep blogging, keep dreaming, and keep pursuing more of God in your life. ;) From your fellow dreamer, Riz

    • Awww <3 Thanks for droppin’ by Sis Riz :)
      By the way, Viviene – the author of this e-book is a new member of Pursuit Manila :)

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