Caring Tips for Newborn Skin

My son’s skin is sensitive and atopic-prone. Aside from dust, one of the triggers of his eczema especially when he was still a baby was detergent and bath soap, nag-wonder ako why? Kasi for babies din naman yung mga ginamit ko, some are even natural products pa.

Thankful I was invited at the Cetaphil Event. 7 Days of different skin care talk (and discounts mommies, maraming best deals as I’ve shared on my Instagram) #7DaysofCetaphil from August 20-26, 2018 held at SM Makati and nung 5th day the talk was about Baby’s Skin called “First time Mom 101”.

Kahit 5 years old na si Zee, marami akong new learnings that day, so even if the talk was more beneficial for first time mothers, marami rin akong “aha!” moments.


I’m happy to share with you dear mommies some of the skin care lessons for babies and kids that I’ve learned:

  1. Use Mild Cleanser for babies especially newborns


Like what I’ve shared moms, I was wonderin’ how come my child got irritated from other bath wash designed for babies. As shared by Dra. Donna Sarossa, not all baby products are non-toxic. It is important to know that the soap that we are using for our kids and babies have the neutral PH level, it should have less perfume and dyes.  Liquid Cleaners are less irritating for babies.

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  1. Mild doesn’t mean less effective sa pag-clean


Kapag “mild” akala natin, mas less effective in cleansing the dirt. But the truth is kapag mild pala mommies, ibig lang sabihin may less or minimal adverse effects and irritation compared sa mga typical soap-based products. (Normal Skin PH ay 5.5 to 6.5 ; most soap in the market have high alkaline PH (9.5- 11). Kaya mawawala yung natural oil ng skin ni baby kapag strong ang soap na ginagamit.




  1. Be extra careful on newborn’s sensitive skin


Newborn skin is very sensitive. Na-share nga ni Dra. Donna, yung mga paper tape, when not removed correctly pwede na ma-tear yung skin ni baby, kaya extra-careful talaga and even alcohol can cause chemical burn sakanila mommies.

Lesson learned na ako sa first child, not because kasama sa free baby kit sa hospital ay kailangan ko nang i-try gamitin kay baby, kaya kay Baby No.2 we will surely start using Cetaphil Baby, mild and reasonable ang price.


Sabi nga ni Mommy Kaye Abad, kahit kuripot sya, when it comes to his child’s health, dapat hindi basta-basta. And I agree, not because tipid tayo kailangan sa mas mura palagi, we should also consider the product’s quality and our child’s safety.


Until now, even if my son is already 5 years old, he’s still using Cetaphil Cleanser & Lotion. As a product user, I can really say na mild and effective sya mommies para ma-lessen yung dryness ng skin ni little boy ko. Thankful mommies kasabay ng cream na pinapahid namin malaking help din ang mild cleanser and lotion for his atopic-prone skin.


Kaya palagi akong naka-abang sa sale nila to stock-up for future use.


What about you mommies, do you also use Cetaphil Products? or do you have additional tips in taking care of newborn babies skin?



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