Breastfeeding: A Beautiful Memory



The Gift of Breastfeeding

This beautiful journey is not as easy as most people thought.. it is one of the bravest decisions I made in my life.. one of my meaningful goals that I am happy to achieve.. a selfless dream that I have discovered..


I am always thankful to God for His abundant supply and for designing mommy’s body to be able to make the perfect food for babies – A liquid gold. Worth more than real gold.

The Special Bond (my short letter for Zee)


My little Zee, because breastfeeding is not forever, you might wean any time soon.. Mimi and Didi wants to document our special bonding.. because I know someday, this won’t matter to you anymore. you’ll forget all of this. Atleast… I (we) can go back to this moment..

Breastfeeding moments like this, that your little hand runs through my face, that I can hold you this close and look you in the eyes… because someday you might not touch and look at me like this very special way.



I can proudly say, Those meetings I’ve turned down, Those things I gave up for you, Those clothes that I can no longer wear, The stretch marks around my body… Are all worth it!

Because You are worth it, my son, Zee.


Happy Breastfeeding Fab Mommas!


If you’re a breastfeeding mom, don’t let this special moment come to pass without documenting it. Breastfeeding is so lovely to be missed.

Special thanks to:

My ever supportive husband, who happily took these photos.. for supporting my whole breastfeeding journey since Zee was born.

Shabby 1943, for the shabby chic venue of our shoot | a perfect place in Tagaytay City for a family staycation and fun shoot

Stylash Eyelash Salon, for my lovely lashes | for a natural , elegenat glamorous look




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