Best Gift Ideas for Moms this Christmas

Gift giving especially during Christmas Season is widely practice in our country.

Simple families to well-off families, every Christmas, parang lahat tayo nag-peprepare to have something to give to our loved ones and friends.


I think the generosity demonstrated through gift giving is a reflection too of our known values as Filipino of being hospitable.

I’m sure one of the top persons on your gift listing is your mom, mother-in-law, titas and even your mommy friends.


If you’re thinking of practical gifts to give your moms or mommy friends here are some of the best gift ideas that you can consider mommies:


  • Personal Care Essentials


As a mom myself, though nasa bahay lang palagi, nakakatuwa pa rin to have a make-up kit or perfume, giving a mom personal care essentials somehow can remind her to not for get to take care of herself too.



  • DIY Chocolate Box

Photo from Pinterest

Moms juggles many hats each day, that’s why we need extra energy everyday. Practice your creative hands by making a DIY Chocolate box for your mom or mom friends. Which they can easily munch over especially during tiring days. Di ba moms we all can agree sa destressing power ng sweets!


  • Spa Experience


Treat your mom or schedule a spa treatment together with other moms as your gift to them. Motherhood is a very rewarding yet tiring job, pampering sessions will surely be much appreciated by moms.


  • Gift Certificate


You can never go wrong by giving gift certificate, being a mom palaging nasa dulo ng list ang sarili natin, kapag nag-mall nga ako and may plan bilihin for myself, pag-uwi ko gamit pa rin ng little one ang nabili ko. (Haha!)


That’s why giving a mom a Sodexo Gift Certificate and putting a sweet note to remind her to buy something for herself this Christmas (guiltfree) will surely make a mom happy..


over 10,000 merchants :)

As a mom, we have those wishlist in mind, receiving a Gift Certificate will always be the Best Christmas Gift Idea that will let moms choose what they really want for herself.

Check out GC Regalo  for more details.


Hope these gift ideas help you decide what to give to the best moms in your life.
What about you mommies, what’s your number 1 wishlist this Christmas?


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