Systems Thinking – balance between critical thinking and emotional stability.

This year, is my son’s first year in school. As a parent, I can say that choosing the right school for our children is one of the toughest decisions we will have as parents.

My son’s way of learning are kinesthetic and auditory. He can easily learn things through actions and most especially through music, so enrolling him into a traditional school set-up might not work for him. As parents, we want the best for our children. We want them to enjoy their first school experience and learn without pressure and let them be kids. After all, “minsan lang sila bata.”

We are located in the South, but in case you are nearby Quezon City, I recommend Benedictine International School. I love their approach. They utilize Systems Thinking, one of the newest approaches to education and child-rearing and is primarily attributed to Peter Senge, an American scientist and MIT Senior Lecturer, Author and Founding Chair of Society for Organizational Learning (SOL).



Systems Thinking can be loosely defined as a way of thinking that sees the bigger picture and how the parts of a system interact with each other, making an individual more critical and emphatic as he makes responsible choices. Given adequate training and exposure to this way of thinking, an individual increases his chance at personal success.

The school teachers had undergone training abroad for the implementation of Systems Thinking inside and beyond the classroom.



I also appreciate that the school values the emotional quotient of their students more than the academic part; they have the “Mood Meter” routine wherein teachers will be informed on the current mood of each student so they can also carefully address their emotional needs.

The school also believes that Emotional intelligence is important; it is the ability to identify, assess and control the emotions of oneself and of others.


Even their school facilities and class room set-up promote open communication and are aligned to their mission of bringing out the total person in all its members, prepared to meet the demands of life and be movers of society and highlights the need for a balance between critical thinking and emotional stability.

The school is not as big as other schools. For Preschool, they only have 15 students per classroom, which is a very good number. The school also treats each student and parents as family therefore there’s no bullying in this school.

Having learned all this things about Benedictine International School, we are hoping that someday, they will open a branch here in the South. They will surely be our top choice for our son’s school if they do.


If you’re interested to know more about them:

Benedictine International School

951-74-54 or 957-71-54

Facebook Page


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