Baby & Kids Products owned by Mompreneurs

Being a mom, we always want the best for our children, no wonder many moms invented products that, they thought, are very helpful and beneficial for other moms and their kids.


Indeed true in our lives, we are forever grateful to people who believed & supported our products.

Like me, by having a son, got inspired to design mother and son matching clothes for moms like me who want some “matching outfit” and advocate playtime with their sons.

Being a mom-preneur is not an easy job. You’re juggling two of your favorite roles at the same time. Especially for most moms on these lists – yayaless and start-up businessowners.

In the upcoming celebration of mother’s day, I am happy to feature 10 mommy, baby and kiddie products owned by mom-preneurs.

Check out their amazing brands and let’s support local businesses and mompreneurs

1. Mother Nurture

My breastfeeding companion, Mommy Lan’s coffee is 5-10% less caffeine, made from finest and natural ingredients super great for coffeeholic breastfeeding moms.

2.  Kezi Baby

Complete your little girl’s outfit with Kezi Baby’s super cute and elegant headband and pieces from Mommy Viviene’s shop (Cheers BFF!)

3. Learning Playground

Check out their collection of wooden toys and other educational materials for your little learner.


4. Bumps to tots

Who doesn’t love custom-made dress perfectly paired with a cloth diaper? Mommy Ria, mom of 2-year old Sophie can make a perfect birthday outfit for your little girl.

5. Crayzee Crayons

This mom believes that “even broken crayons still color”

Check out their hand-molded crayons! What a cool way to engage your child in art.

6. Coco Haven

Locally home-made all natural baby wash, lotion and nappy cream made from Virgin Coconut Oil by Mommy Yan-Yan.

7.  Little Cocoy

I love all of Mommy Patricia’s items, but what really caught my eye is their grocery cart fabric cover. Protect your little ones against germs and bacteria that are present in the grocery carts. Worry-free shopping mommies!

8. Little Human & Co.

Home-made playdoughs (free from chemicals) and reversible capes for your little ones are my favourite from Mommy Kath’s store. Say hooray to play!

9. Mom Emporium

Make eating time extra fun with Mommy Monica’s colorful plates and utensils.

So cute and colorful!

10. Lactation Treats

Lactation “breastfeeding” cookie to help increase your milk supply, try Mommy Kalai’s home made goodies for nursing moms (I love her banana loaf too,hihi)



Do you have other favorite mommy-owned products? Share it mommies on the comment box!




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