5 activities to do with your family outdoors

The holiday season is just around the corner and you are thinking of planning something interesting for the children. Kids are active and full of energy, and they wouldn’t want something that is boring or cooped up indoors most of the time. Outdoor activities would be fun for them, especially when they are able to participate and get involved in some outdoor activities.


Here are 5 activities that you may consider for the coming holiday season:


  • Plan a day where you and your kids can be tourists to your own town. There is no need to travel to faraway places as tourists. Together, you can check out the interesting places in your own town such as local museum, murals, or zoo. Get them to study the murals, and share what they think the artists are trying to express through the murals.


  • Take your younger kids to the local public swimming pool if there is one. You can also consider taking your children to a nearby beach. Kids love water, just playing and splashing in the water with their siblings is enough to keep them happy for hours. You can even pack a picnic basket along because these activities will work up an appetite. They can even build sand castles and collect seashells.



  • If you have a nice park or some safe cycling tracks near your place, you can consider taking your whole family on a cycling trail. But first, you will have to have bicycles! If you have children that are able to cycle on their own, then you might consider investing in some hybrid bicycles to enjoy some healthy cycling together with your family. Cycling is a healthy sport and it is good to encourage your children to cycle from young. There are men and ladies bicycles which you can customize to fit according to your requirement.


  • Dart throwing is another great activity. Organize a competition and have the family members and friends join in. The venue could be in the open e.g. a park or your garden if it is big enough. Prepare some give away for the winners and prepare some snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy. You can also replace dart with any other interesting games which the children will be interested in.


  • Organizing a fishing trip to a nearby lake is another great activity. Make a package booking for a chalet and a fishing boat if these are available. The children will get to learn to build a camp fire and grill their own catch over the fire.


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