Brainlight Learning Center | Why Singaporean Math?

Almost all of us would agree na Math ang pinaka “not-so-favorite” subject sa school.

That’s why we wanted to help our son develop his love for Math at his early age.

Singapore is always on the top list during International Assessment in Mathematics so maybe they’re doing something really good and effective.

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I am thankful that Brainlight Learning Center educated us more about Singaporean Math.

Now I know why many of our friends who are homeschoolers uses this method for their children.

What I love about it:

• It is not memorization skills

It’s amusing to see kids with their memorized intelligence, but I really admire kids who possess applied knowledge or practical intelligence. That’s what I love about Singaporean Math they teach more of mastery about Mathematics more than memorization. It makes the children really know the concept instead of answering it based on their memorized data.

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It promotes problem solving skills

I love how singaporean math promotes problem solving skills to children which is very benefitial in training them for when they face the real world. It trains their brains to think of solutions to problems. Students tend to see and think beyond their situation. They’re able to use or combine their new and past knowledge about a certain challenge.

New & Better Approach
The world is changing so fast, and I think everyone would agree. Yung nag work sa atin moms and dads 20 years ago might not work for our kids today.

Singaporean Math uses Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Approach or CPA, which doesn’t box the student to paper work. They are able to use their hands and eyes which is good especially for young kids in developing their cognitive and fine motor skills.

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Having said this, we are really excited to introduce Singaporean Math to our child. I believe this is not just beneficial for my sons school but even for when he is all grown up and ready to face the challenges of this world.


Do you want your child to be assessed?
They are offering it for FREE!

Address: Unit 317 McKinley Park Residences 3rd Ave, BGC, Taguig 1634

Phone: 02 2119624 / 0917 1229978


Facebook: Brainlight Singapore Maths Philippines





4 thoughts on “Brainlight Learning Center | Why Singaporean Math?

  1. I think my son’s school also follow the Singaporean Math. When we transferred him in this school, nagulat din ako sa Math nila, parang Kinder pa lang siya tapos ganun na lessons, sobrang advance. I must agree with you, iba na yung Math na pinag-aralan ko sa Math nila ngayon.

  2. Ang tagal ko na naririnig yang Singaporean Math pero hindi ko talaga alam hahaha. Do they have a branch dito sa North? The classroom looks inviting. I want to have my son assessed. :)

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