We chose to homeschool our Pre-K

Since Zee was born, a lot of parents have been approaching us and telling us the beauty of homeschooling, we nod and smile but at the back of my mind I was like, “hmm..  sounds great but maybe it won’t work for our family”…


Hay.. akala namin mas madali na kapag schooling age. We were wrong. Another chapter pala sya ng parenthood (hehe!)


Fast forward… after 4 years of being first time parents, we’ve decided as a couple to homeschool Zee, but as we talk to school principals and school heads, they inform us about the benefits of schooling Zee since we are planning to enroll him by next school year, he will benefit a lot if he can learn the routine as early as now, kumbaga “trial and familiarization” na.  

So my husband and I got half-hearted about homeschooling him, we even enrolled him in a summer class, to ready him in school or on our homeschooling journey. From 50%, it went up to 80% we’re so decided to enroll him in school, we’re on our half-way process of completing our son’s school requirement. Kulang nalang talaga mag-enroll na kami officially mommies.


But… during the summer class, we’re not able to work for almost 3 weeks, since we do not have a yaya nor helper and even relatives near our place, kami ang hatid-sundo kay Zee, and afternoon class sya, so after his class, close na rin mga clients namin that’s why wala na kaming time to meet them.


Since Day 1 naiyak rin is Zee but after class naman He seems enjoyed his day in school. But he wasn’t able to have his nap time, we’re always cramming and the words “hurry up, Zee!” became part of my daily dialogue with Zee.


So we prayed about it again and fasted for it as a couple, and there’s a small voice whispering “homeschool your son this year” “biblical parenting is costly” “your family is your ministry”

I’m not saying that we become less of a parent when we send our kids to school and I’m not also saying that homeschooling parents are better parents.


Either homeschooling or sending Zee in school, it both require sacrifices, to be honest, for me, homeschooling adds a little burden and questions on my head.. “matuto ba sa akin ang anak ko?” “paano kami magsisimula…”


Our all time favourite, 🙂 Painting!

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But I recalled one of our churchmates once told me,

“When ability ends, God’s grace begins”


Here are some of the reasons why we chose to Homeschool Zee for his Pre-K year:

  • We want to obey God
  •  So we can still be Zee’s primary influencers
  • We can focus more on his character and values foundation
  • Focus on Zee’s strength and interest like music
  • This school year is not yet DEPED required so it is the perfect year to try homeschooling for our family (as one homeschooler said, take it “one year at a time”
  • We can bond with other homeschooling friends
  • It is more suitable to our schedule (but we’re currently preparing for next school year)
  • We want to “unschool Zee” we want him to enjoy his childhood that’s why we are also eyeing progressive schools in case we will not homeschool him next year.


We know, it will not be a smooth sailing journey, it will take extra-time for us to prepare materials and plan our year curriculum.. but we are confident now.. that God will pour out the wisdom, patience and everything we need to homeschool our son as well as the people who will help us and journey with us on this new chapter.


For now, we will take a one important step.. which is to learn from an expert homeschooler.

Ms. Donna Simpao, is one of the homeschoolers that I admire, her blog about homeschooling is very inspiring and informative. Go check it out! http://homescool.ph.


My husband and I will attend her workshop about homeschooling to help us get started. If like me you want to homeschool or learn more about homeschooling, I encourage you mommies and daddies to attend this workshop.


Here are the details of the workshop by Soli Deo Event Management owned by Misis Mico, a new found friend that I met from our online tribe and her loving husband.



To Register Visit their Facebook Page (here)


Do you have any homeschooling tips mommies? Hope to hear from you…



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