Top 3 Food Photography learnings from Joy Bites

I got a unique birthday gift from Above last March. The gift of learning, every year I want to learn something new that’s related or beneficial to my career or my life as a mom.

Food Photography


I am grateful that I am one of the chosen few bloggers to join Mommy Joy‘s food photography workshop. Yehey!

Hello classmates 😉 #joybitesworkshop #zenandhappinessinacup #caffelatea #foodie #ontheplate #foodiediary

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I really love capturing candid moments, I am also a visual-kind of person, and this year I wanted to cook more and discover “tipid meals” but I believe affordable doesn’t need to look “cheap” di ba? The event was held at Caffe La Tea, marami silang budget-friendly and masarap na meals mommies.

I am just happy that I’ve joined the workshop, I’ve learned a lot. I encourage you guys to sign-up on her next workshop, it is very worth it.

Here are some of my key take-aways from the workshop mommies :

    •  Don’t just capture a photo but capture a story
    • Invest on props and elements to add more style
    • Lighting is everything

Here are some of my shots during the workshop (marami pa akong kakaining bigas hehe)

Learning something new 😉 #joybitesworkshop #caffelatea #zenandhappinessinacup

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Food Photography workshop is perfect for:

  • Bloggers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Foodies
  • Food / Restaurant Owners
  • Online Food Biz Owners
  • Home-Cook Nanays

At the end of the workshop, we’re all able to practice what we’ve learned.

Arla is so generous to give us all cheesy goodies to take home.

Workshops and events are also great time to chat with virtual friends :)


Photo by Mommy Joy


Photo from Mommy Joy

There are many notes and learnings I’ve got but I wanted you to hear those personally from Mommy Joy on one of her future workshops.

Visit her blog for her gastronomic stories and recipes or sign-up on this form for future updates from Mommy Joy



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