Tips On Buying Used Cars

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Years ago, we’ve been praying for a car not just for personal convenience but to also have a service vehicle that will help in business.

But since we only have a limited budget, we thought of why not consider a second hand or used cars.

Imagine saving almost half the price from a brand-new car?

Tips On Buying Used Cars


Here are some of the tips that helped us in purchasing best deal used cars:


  1. Compare the prices in any type of purchase

It is really important not to be an impulse buyer, get a notebook and write your top choices and compare prices from different dealers and sellers.


  1. Inspect the car

Schedule a meet-up with the seller and inspect the car during daytime to check the car’s condition (scratches, machine condition and more)


  1. Ask for car’s maintenance history

Is there a major repair that happen? Much better if they have a record book or receipts of all the car maintenance record.


  1. Consider lower mileage cars

Most car experts recommend lower than 60,000 km mark because most parts starts wearing off upon reaching this mileage.


  1. Test- drive

My friends advised me to hire a mechanic to go with us to check the engine sounds and performance and to test drive the car with us.


Parent Tip: After purchasing your car don’t forget to install a car seat for your little one’s safety. But incorrectly stored car seat will not function well for protection.

Check out they have three certified child passenger safety technicians who install and write Car Seat Checks by investigating the car’s latch system. They also check how each vehicle handles various sizes of child safety seats in terms of both space and installation.

Car seats are not only required by the law, it can save children’s lives and protect from possible injuries during a car crash.


What about you mommies? Do you have car safety tips or tips in buying a second hand car?


4 thoughts on “Tips On Buying Used Cars

  1. We are also praying to have a car a few years from now. For now, save save save muna kami. I’m also considering buying used cars, we’ll see. Everything’s uncertain now until makabili na talaga, lol.

  2. We bought a used Toyota Avanza a year ago! I don’t know a lot about cars so I’m really thankful our neighbor who knows cars tagged along. There was one seller who tried to sell to us his relatively new Innova for a really cheap price. It looked good ha and A/T pa, but when our neighbor inspected it from underneath, he saw quite a lot of rust everywhere. We suspect it came from Luzon (papers were unclear) and from a flooded area. It really pays to take time to inspect!

  3. I find car seat as essential if you do a lot of errands and you have a toddler or a baby in tow. We bought our car seat when two years ago weve decided I will bring the boys to school. Having.a car seat is a big help.

  4. Our first car was a second-hand car too because we have a limited budget that time. But nothing beats a brand new car if you have a budget. The downside of second-hand car kasi is magastos na sa maintenance.

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