Tipid Mommy Finds : Affordable Perfume by Perfume Dessert (Review)

As a mom without a yaya or house helper, madalas kapag aalis ako for events or field errands, yung make-up at perfume ko before leaving the house, wala na yung retouch ’till makauwi ako. Relate ba kayo moms? (haha!)

Kaya isa talaga sa hinahanap ko sa personal care product ay quality and long lasting effect.

I recently found out about Perfume Dessert, sobrang nagustuhan ko yung product nila, kasi high in quality at budget-friendly.

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Sharing with you mommies my review about it:

  • High in Quality – it is a product from London, and it is authentic moms, may first 3-digit barcode sya (indicates the country of origin) to check its authenticity. High quality talaga mommies! Strong yung scent nya hindi parang puro alcohol. Kaya konting spray lang enough na.
  • Nice Packaging – I also love its cute packaging, also it is made of crimped bottle to retain the freshness of the perfume. It avoids leakage and hindi sya nag-dediffuse. I also love na very handy sya, kaya nadadala ko anywhere unlike sa dati kong perfume, hindi ko madala kasi malaki yung bottle.

  • Long Lasting Effect – yezzzz! 4-8 hours yung effect nya kaya perfect for moms like me na no time for re-touch.
  • Affordability – considering its imported, high quality and long lasting, its P250ml bottle is very affordable and reasonable. They made the other details of the perfume simple to make the price affordable, pero yung quality ng perfume is very high.

Perfume Desserts comes in Cucumber Melon Cooler, Black Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream Peach Bourbon Popsicle and Sakura scent.

Actually, ka-amoy nya yung mga scents ng Victoria’s Secret. Pinaka-favorite ko yung Sakura floral and fruity yung scent nya mommies, next ay yung Cucumber-Melon, parang sobrang fresh ng amoy!

I love using it for my personal care, and parang great gift idea too for friends, sisters and even teachers in our child’s school.

For more details, check out their page: Perfume DessertΒ 

What about you moms? May favorite perfume ba kayo?




2 thoughts on “Tipid Mommy Finds : Affordable Perfume by Perfume Dessert (Review)

  1. yes super relate hehe no yaya din amd i have 3 kids, nung lagi ko hatid sundo si kuya ay lagi ko dala si 2nd kahit sa mga activities. Minsan di na nakapag makeup pero may unting spray ng cologne para pag pinawisan di mag amoy pawis . I like the packaging , its unique names of scents too kaya curious ako sa amoy nila. #TipidMommy #TipidMommyLoveMonth

  2. I want to try this momsh!!!! Ayos to kase makakatipid ka naman tlga kung ganun katagal yung bango niya!!!! Nakakaexcite nman maamoy siya!!! Nice packaging and madaling bitbitin.. galing!!!! 😊

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