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In our country, we’re not that open and used to have car seats in our vehicle, most moms will just carry their babies while seated at the back of the car. (I am no excuse, guilty mom here) Shockingly mommies, it has been reported that an average of more than 600 children have died in road crashes from 2006 to 2014 here in our country.


Just how important are car seats for babies and kids? According to the World Health Organization, a good car safety system with rear-facing restraint can reduce the risk of injury for children aged 0-4 by 80 to 90%. Compared to having only a seat belt, where the risk of injury for children is reduced only by 32%.

Last year, the “Child Safety in Motor Vehicle Act of 2017″ was approved by the House of Representatives and is now for deliberation in the Senate.

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