Nutri10 Plus Vitamins for Kids (Review)

Our little boy will be on his first school this year. Protecting him against diseases and sickness is one on our top list dahil this time, hindi lang kami ang kasama nya everyday, marami na syang makakahalubilo na ibang tao.

Another thing to consider pa is the rainy season. Even for non-schooling kids, kailangan ng extra protection ng kids natin this season, right mommies?


We are happy to get to try Nutri10 Plus by Wert Philippines. We received it few weeks ago, and sharing you mommies what we love about this vitamins.

Here are the things that we’ve learned and love about Nutri10 Plus:


  • Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals in a bottle

Look at the Vitamins and Minerals our little ones can get from Nutri 10 Plus.

I’m happy to find out that the most important vitamins and minerals that a child needs are all in Nutri10 Plus Bottle.

(Maximise growth, maintain good appetite and boost immune system)



  • Tastes yummy, perfect for kids

My little guy didn’t complain about the taste.  “Asim, tastes like orange!”, he said.

He’s excited whenever it’s vitamins time na.

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  • Pasok sa Budget!

Nutri10 Plus is also budget-friendly.

Nutri 10 Plus oral drop
30 mL = Php 125/ bottle
Nutri 10 Plus 
120 mL = P180.00/bottle
250 mL =  P310.00/bottle
(Available sa Generika, Watsons, Rose Pharmacy & Mercury Drugstore)



Are there any changes on my child after taking Nutri 10 Plus?

Ang napansin ko mommies ay mas lumakas sya kumain ngayon, mas naging magana sya.

But aside from the vitamins mommies, as parents, we should also train our children to eat healthy meals to make sure they are getting the right nutrients they need to grow up properly and live a healthy lifestyle- spiritually, emotionally and physically. 

With a healthy lifestyle, exercise, healthy food and with the help of vitamins like Nutri 10 Plus, we can give the care our little ones need to grow healthy and strong.


To know more information about Nutri10 Plus check out their page:




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