Mom’s Day Out : A “Queen-like” Pampering Experience

We women, love to wear many hats all at the same time. As for me, being a hands-on mom to Zee, doing household chores, running a small business and managing a blog is not easy.

I know moms can relate to that feeling of
“Wow 9:00am na, tulog pa sila! Yehey!”

Because that means… extra time for yourself, for some really quiet moment, a perfect opportunity to enjoy a real “hot” cup of coffee, an extra 5 minutes in the shower and time to answer emails and messages.. but these scenes only happen once in a blue moon..



Most of the time.. Like most yayaless mommies, if you’ll ask us, “how are you?”

the answer you will get is “happy but tired.”
or  really honest mommies would be like “I want a break! Even just for one day.” 

I can relate to this #SunShorts video, aside from the mom’s business is related to clothing like I do.. yung pagod ka, pero alam mo kung para saan yung sacrifices mo today… You want to be present all the time, you don’t want to miss a milestone.. You want to be the best mom..

But of course.. tao ka lang.. and I can relate and feel for this mom! “Gusto kong sumigaw ng … Time Out”

… and that’s exactly I’ve got during Mom’s Day Out, an event organized by Sun Life last June  21, 2017 at I’M Hotel Makati.

Together with other mom bloggers, we’re all invited to be experience a “Queen-like” Pampering Day that we all mommies and inays deserve.

“Tummy Pampered”
We first had our buffet lunch at Bloom Restaurant inside I’m Hotel.

Can you imagine how peaceful it is to eat without a toddler on your lap? I really enjoyed my meal.

My favorite is the dessert station!  “C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E-S”…..


I enjoyed chatting with fellow mom bloggers, I’ve learned a lot from Mommy Rose about investment and about housing loan.. (thefqmom, an author of a book, Teaching Financial Responsibilities for children)

“Body Pampered”

After resting a bit from lunch, we headed to the locker room, their staff are very accommodating, they provided us our “wristband” that we’ve used for the locker and the staff mentioned too that is it also used for additional treatment and for food purchases.

We all enjoyed looking young in our “Yukata” (Japense Kimono)


I had a very relaxing 60-minute signature massage, Ms.Evelyn, the therapist assigned to me is very well-trained.

What I love about I’m Onsen Spa is that the guest can request on which part you wanted your therapist to concentrate on (I chose upper back and shoulder).

Yay! It is very relaxing, their massage room is so spacious too…

I don’t think waiting in line would be an issue because the spa has a lot of therapist. although I think you won’t mind waiting in their relaxing waiting area where you can enjoy a nice cup of tea.
I’m Onsen Spa is the country’s largest spa, you can also relax and have your tea at their waiting area, I will definitely go back to try their Onsen Sauna (I’m Onsen Spa is inspired to Japan’s natural hot spring bath)

“Emotions Pampered”


From our emotional tank as moms with worries and mommy guilt, Mommy Michele Alignay, a well-known speaker, licensed psychologist and counselor  shared about how to achieve a “balanced mommyhood”

I love the tips that she shared, it is all eye-opener for a mom like me who wants to be a Master of Multistasking- often tired and burnt out momma.


We often put ourselves at the bottom part of our list.. Yes momma, don’t forget about yourself today. 



At the end of her talk, I just realized, its time for us to look for a house helper, and its okay to delegate so I can focus on the tasks that  matters most to me.




After that, Ms.Mylene Segismundo from Sun Life also shared how we moms can be less stressful about the rising tuition fees on our country’s top universities and that’s to start investing now for our child’s education through their program – My Future Fund.

Zee wants to be a pilot. (But we’re not sure kung hindi na ba magbabago ito,haha) pero imagine how much we should save for his college I am really interested about this product and we should take the opportunity while Zee is still young which is according to Ms.Mylene, today is really the best time to invest ahead for his college tuition. 

We’re able to take home goodies from generous sponsors too, Mommies!


So mommies, yes, it is okay to love yourself again, to set aside some “me-time” fund for you inay, after the pampering day, I felt more inspired and recharged to serve my family!

“Indeed, we cannot give what we do not have”

Join the next Mom’s Day Out!




Sun Life is running another batch for mommies with kids aged 7 years old and below, this coming July 1 and 15.

Php 500 reservation fee is required to secure your slot mommy, but it will be REFUNDED during the event.

Email or check out their website for more details.


I assure you mommies, it is all worth your time, take advantage of this “Queen-like Experience” Time Out for you, you deserve a break mommies and inays!


Register now!!




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