Mommy Finds: Euky Bearub Kid-friendly Eucalyptus Rub

Last week, my son had a cough due to the changing weather. And he told me, even his classmates in school have cough. Aside from giving him extra Vitamins C and cough medicine, I gave my son a back and chest massage to soothe him and make his bedtime extra comfortable for him.

Ito talaga ang season na uso ang sipon at ubo sa mga kids mommies di ba?

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Thankful that Koofty Enterprise, Euky Bear products’ distributor in our country, introduced to our family the Euky Bearub. Euky Bearub is Australia’s My Child Excellence Awardee from 2013 to 2015. Ang-galing no? Good thing that its available here in the Philippines.

Here’s what we love about Euky Bearub:

  • It is all-natural and kid-friendly

Euky Bearub is made of natural ingredients that suits kids sensitive skin. It is formulated for kids aged 1 year and above.

It is made of Eucalyptus Oil which has been traditionally used to relieve symptoms of respiratory disorders like cough and colds.

(Euky Bearub is for the whole family. Yes, it can also be used by adults, even pregnant or breastfeeding moms.)


  • Mild & Gentle on Sensitive Skin

It is has a mid-strength, making it stronger than baby chest rub, pero gentle pa rin on kids’ sensitive skin. As I’ve shared before mommies, very sensitive ang skin ng little boy ko, but he didn’t get any rash or allergic reaction after using Euky Bearub.

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It is non-greasy and easily absorbed into skin.


  • Handy tube

I also love Euky Bearub’s packaging, it is very handy, we can put it in our baby essentials bag for on-the-go families. It’s no mess kasi easy to squeeze yung tube. 


What are the benefits?

We rubbed it on Zee’s chest, back and feet – it soothes the throat and eases coughs, thanks to the therapeutic effect of Eucalyptus.

  • helps breathe easier and sleep better
  • relieves muscular pains and aches
  • can be used as a soothing balm for minor insect bites
  • can be used as an inhalant for steam therapy

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Eucalyptus oil, eucalyptol, menthol, camphor and rosemary oil.


Pwede ba sya sa wala pang 1 year old?

Fo kids below the age of 12 months, Euky Bearub can be used by putting onto a tissue and placing near the head of the bed or cot.  Although Euky Bearub is a gentle formula, as a precaution Koofy Enterprise advise not to use directly on baby’s skin unless on the advice of your health professional.

How to use it as inhalant?

Dissolve two teaspoonfuls (8g) of Euky Bearub in a bowl of steaming hot water and inhale vapour, covering head with a towel. 

How much per tube?

P 495 / tube of 50 grams


Where to buy?

Available in Mothercare Stores and Rustan’s

Online Stores:, Baobaobabies, Babiestotoddlers. HobbesandLandesPh and ModernMamaPh


Follow Koofty Enteprise to know about updates about Euky Bear Products:
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43 thoughts on “Mommy Finds: Euky Bearub Kid-friendly Eucalyptus Rub

  1. Wow..Honestly I am so curious about it kasi gusto ko mabasa kung ano ito syempre lalo na sa baby girl ko na 3yrs. old .. I love all the content of the products. It is very helpful sa kagaya ng anak ko na hikain. I mean laging dumadalaw sa kanya yung ubo. Araw at gabi kahit sa pag tulog nya nag lalagay ako ng “usually yung gamit natin na brand” to ease her cough. Kahit nga pag pumupunta sya ng school bago sya mag suot ng uniform nilalagyan ko sya nuon sa likod at harapan nya pra di ubuhin kasi sobrang sensitive nya. Ang hirap kasi naka depende sya sa mga ganung bagay at nag nebulizer pa sya. As a mom I want my daughter not to suffer saying mga ganitong bagay. I hope I could try this kasi even intake na gamot at vitamins ayaw nya kaya mas lalo syang nag kakasakit. Could I ask insect bites ang bilis kasi mag marka ng scars pag kinagat sya, can this be helpful para di mag scar yung kagat.!?😊 Thank you for sharing this wonderful product I hope I could try it para makita ko na hiyang sya at medyo mabawasan din yung worries ko konti kay baby. Again thaku so much! 😊
    IG: @yaniflorcostes /Fb: Yani Gumapac Lepe

  2. This product is very effective,been using the Euky Blitz Nitz Shampoo for my daughter.And just 3x using it and just like magic it is really effective! Been using different kinds of lice shampoo but this product really does its magic.
    Anyway I’m the kind of mom who always brings essential oils for my kids wherever we are.Cause its my mother-in-laws advice to me.If my kids ate or drink something that can cause tummy aches,or if they had cold feet during road trip.And my kids always had coughs and colds even if they didn’t go outside due to our bad weather.And using this BearRub can really make it go away and they will feel and sleep soundly.Pkus the fact that it really comes handy it doesnt even leaked unlike the bottle of my essential oils,it always stains the clothes in my bag when I’m bringing it,thats why I sealed it in a plastic bag before I put it in my bag.Hope I could try this too😊

  3. Wow. 😍😍 Perfect na perfect yan para sa kids ko! Ang hirap kapag super sensitive ng mga kids, maistress ka sa kakahanap ng pwedeng ilagay o ipahid ka sa kanila kapag sinusmpong ng ubo’t sipon, imbes makatipid mapupunta ka sa pricey na gamot kase kelangan. Hays. Looking forward to try and use that one for my kids and for my family. Thanks you Tipid mommy for sharing it with us. 😍😍

  4. Perfect to use for my daughter specially this rainy season madalas sya hindi makatulog sa gabi dahil sa baradong sipon nya hoping to win this awesome giveaway. Thank you so much po for sharing your blessings through giveaways.
    FB: Nehj Ajero
    IG: @jhenajero1993

  5. So interested about this product. Mom to 3 kids and it is indeed the season of cough and colds. I am joining this giveaway and hoping to win. Eucalyptus is also associated to mosquitoes so I like that it would help relieve the kids from mosquitoes and it would shield them from mosquitoes as well.

  6. Hope to win the Euky Bearub for my son. Badly need this one for my son since our climate is changing. Godbless and more power. 😍😍😍😍

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