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Mommies, isa rin ba kayo sa mga bata noon na kagaya kong nagkaroon ng kuto? Hinding hindi ko makakalimutan ang childhood part ko na iyon.. I remember having a long hair, but due to “Kuto Problems” I was forced to cut my hair short.. kulang nalang kalbuhin ako, shampoo-han ng gas at palagi ako tinatakot na liliparin sa Mt.Makulot. haha!

That’s why I can relate to students who are suffering from head lice-related problems. And the shocking truth is almost one-third of elementary public school students in our country suffer from it.


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Head lice infestation or pediculosis can cause severe itchiness and infection of the scalp, but this could be the least of these children’s worries; the social stigma associated with having kuto can leave lasting psychological damage on both children and their parents. Sobrang affected ang confidence ng bata kapag may kuto di ba mommies?

Here are some facts about head lice or “Kuto”

  • Kaya ng isang babaeng kuto na mangitlog ng 100 eggs (after 7 days napipisa na ang mga itlog, at pwede na ulit sila mangitlog ng 100 eggs ulit) 
  • Kapag wala sa ulo ang kuto, kaya nito mabuhay ng 3 days, kaya pwede tayo mahawa sa suklay, unan, etc.
  • Inays, wala naman palang pakpak ang kuto, so hindi totoo na liliparin tayo noong bata tayo haha!
  • Sabi nila normal lang magkaroon ng kuto, but the truth is, having a head-lice is a medical condition that can lead to infection
  • Hindi lang maruming bata ang nagkakakuto, even if you are squeaky clean you can still be prone to having one

Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo conducts shampooing programs for children all over the Philippines

Starting last month, Lamoiyan Corporation’s Licealiz Head Lice Treatment Shampoo have been conducting Nationwide Oplan Alis Kuto as a part of its Kilusang Kontra Kuto effort to educate the public on lice infestation issues.


The Licealiz caravan will travel to different schools and barangays all over the country to hold shampooing programs and lectures for students and their parents. Sobrang thumbs up ang campaign ng Lamoiyan Corporation dito! I’m sure madaming bata ang masaya at wala na silang kuto.

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Together with other mom bloggers from Mommy Bloggers of the Philippines, we’re able to witness and be part of their caravan in Luzon last month.

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Head-lice and Bullying in School

A survey of communities visited by the Licealiz caravan last year found that 47% of respondents from Visayas and 76% of respondents from Mindanao said that their children were bullied and teased for having head lice, causing some of them to miss school to avoid their peers. The parents, on the other hand, feel incompetent and embarrassed for being unable to prevent head lice from infesting their children.

“We want to remove the stigma associated with having kuto by educating communities on lice infestation issues,” said Lamoiyan Corporation Marketing Director Bing Cavestany.

“We want to drive home the message that everyone can be potentially infested by kuto, that it’s not something to be ashamed about, and definitely not something to ridicule others for. We also hope to encourage these communities to unite and take action to solve this public health problem together,” shared Cavestany.

Licealiz leads the Kilusang Kontra Kuto for a kuto-free Philippines.


LiceAliz (9)

Now on its second year, the Kilusang Kontra Kuto aims to raise awareness about lice infestation issues and prevent and treat head lice infestations. Last year, the campaign reached 30 communities and over 10,000 children and parents in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Licealiz invites everyone to join the Kilusang Kontra Kuto in changing the public’s perception about head lice infestation and spreading correct information regarding head lice prevention and treatment.

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How we can prevent Head Lice?

What’s Lice Aliz?

  • It is an affordable anti-lice shampoo that effectively kills lice and nits, and prevents its recurrence while keeping the hair soft and smooth.
  • Meron itong active ingredient na Pyenthrin, isang all natural extract galing sa Chrysanthemum flower
  • It is non-toxic
  • Clinically tested & proven effective

LiceAliz (10)

How to use?

  • Usage: use twice a week for two weeks
  • Prevention: use once a week for two weeks
  • Safe for 1 year old and above (please consult your child’s physician before giving any treatment)

Price and where to buy?

  • It is available in two variants Regular and Soothing Coolness
  • SRP 60 ML Php 71.75 & 10ML sachet Php12.75
  • Available in Mercury Drug and all leading drug stores


Having “kuto” is one problem we had as children and this does not have to continue to our children. We can now treat or prevent our children from this mommies. Let us spread the awareness and help our communities be “kuto free”.

For more information on head lice prevention and treatment:

Lice Aliz Facebook 




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