Kiddie Party to the MAX!

Last weekend mga mommies, along with other Mom Bloggers and our families, we were invited at Chickie Boy’s birthday party at Max’s Restaurant in Scout Tuason Branch, Quezon City.


Sino si Chickie Boy?

Chickie Boy is Max’s Restaurant Chicken Mascot.


The party was loaded with fun and all the kids, even us “kids-at-heart”, enjoyed the whole program of Chickie Boy’s #kiddiepartytothemax..

Here are some of the things that we all enjoyed during Chickie Boy’s birthday:

Our kids were given a “Passport” to all the activity booths during the party.


It was filled with fun games and activities.


We won 1/2 Chicken GC from likes on this photo :) Yehey!


Everyone sung a Happy Birthday Song to Chickie Boy!


Ofcourse! Food by Max’s Restaurant are present! “The best  fried chicken!”

There are also other food booths like Krispy Kreme, Jamba Juice, Yum Ice Cream!



Free Gift Item as a souvenir of Chickie Boy’s party! Very useful even after the party! a really cute “Chickie Boy Wooden Stool”


Chickie Boy’s birthday party featured the different theme parties available at Max’s Restaurant and showed us how fun it is to celebrate occasions at Max’s Restaurant.


Here are the themes that you can choose from mommies, they have reasonable priced packages too!

                                                          kiddiepartytothemax maxskiddieparty

So if you’re going to celebrate your little one’s birthday soon.. consider Max’s Restaurant Party Themes to make it extra memorable and fun for the whole family and your guests.


To know more about Max’s Kiddie Party:

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