Homeschooling the First Timers Workshop

As I’ve shared before mommies, we’ve decided to homeschool Zee for his Pre-K this school year.
Because we are newbie homeschoolers, my husband and I’ve attended a workshop for first time home schoolers by Ms.Donna of
To those who are planning to attend the workshop, I tell you it is worth the investment of both your time and money.
My husband and I became clear on our “why’s” of why we wanted to homeschool.

Sharing with you some of our reasons mommies.. 
We wanted to homeschool Zee so we can focus on his strengths and gifts, so we can apply Biblical Character Foundation and teach him in his way of learning..
Our son Zee is both kinesthetic and high in auditory. So he learns more through music and hands-on activities.
The activities and worksheets during the workshop are very helpful for first time homeschoolers – you’ll get to identify your mission and vision of your “homeschool” just like any other school, and you’ll get an idea of different homeschooling approach and materials.
We love this part, because it became our daily question to ourselves..
Will this activity bring us to our vision and related to our mission?
Will these materials or tools help us in our vision and mission?
It became our guide in our daily decisions as we homeschool our son..
After the taking the quiz and listening to Ms.Donna, we’ve found out that unschooling suits best our mission, learning approach that we wanted for our little boy.
Also during the workshop, We were able to browse some materials and reference books that Ms.Donna brought during the workshop.
My husband loves the Bible and looks perfect for our son’s age, kaya naghanap kami online where to buy and Boom! We found it at OMF, super on time, kasi sale din that time! Yehey!

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Speaking of sale.. I also love that Ms.Donna informed us about “Homeschool Budget” kahit tipid mommy ako, I know relate kayo mommy kapag sa kids na natin minsan nasisira ang budget.. (hehe)
So it is really helpful for homeschooler to determine a margin on how much are we willing to spend for each part of our journey – materials, curriculum, extra activities and etc.
Dahil mommies, isa talaga sa perks ng homeschooling ang pagiging mas affordable nito compared to school tuition fees.. (Kay mommy nalang or Daddy ang fee para may pang date! Hehe) 
This coming August.. they will have a re-run of the workshop, if you have questions about homeschooling, if you are new and considering this for your child/children, I highly recommend this workshop mommies and daddies.