Flash Sale Finds at Ayala Malls SouthPark

Tipid Mommies, I’m sure all of you love Sale!
It is always a perfect time to purchase our needs and those on the list of our “wants” and “wish list”
I am happy and really excited to share with you about Ayala Malls South Park Flash Sale!
The Flash Sale is currently on-going until July 16,2017.
The new, Ayala Malls South Park is located along National Road of Muntinlupa City.

Here are some of the participating brands on the flash sale.

“Toys R Us”


Lego Play Area

Last May, Toys R Us took up a residence at another thriving community in the South.
The store has a unique race track concept which allows shoppers to experience each and every toy category or zone within a Toys “R” Us store.
Take advantage of almost 20-50% off sale items tipid mommies! Sharing with you some of the best deals I saw.

Zootopia Car Php 200 + Characters Php 100 nalang mommies :) Ito ang pinabili ni Zee :) pasok sa budget!

“Robinson’s Department Store”
Robinson’s Department Store in Ayala Malls SouthPark offers a wide variety of clothes, home items and more. It is huge and complete with everything you need mommies!
Sobrang cute nung mga character shirts like Wonder Woman and Spider Man for Php 349.00 up.
Aside from the upto 50% off during the sale, they also have a current promo of “fill your shopping basket” ,  to get additional 20% off plus! a chance to win of “pay what you shopped” mommies!
“Robinson’s Supermarket”
I love doing my grocery shopping in Robinson’s Supermarket, because they offer wide choices of healthy products, they even have special shelves for healthy choices.
Do you love Unilever Products mommies? During the flash sale, whenever you purchase P350 worth you’ll get a Free P100 gift voucher. Uy! Savings din talaga iyon inays!
I also love what I’ve discovered at Robinson’s SuperMarket ang meaning ng mga labels! “Ah! Yun pala yun!”
Hindi ko pa na-try pero Robinson’s Supermarket offers free apple a day to kids.
Anggaling no? High Five for this initiative Robinson’s Supermarket!

It is complete with tools and home essentials, almost all items are on-sale too.
May it batteries for your clock, an extra bulb for your home, take this time to get discounts inays from Handy Man! For sure, the husbands will love it too!
We all love this japanese store with cute and very useful items, not to mention na super affordable talaga compared to other brands or shops.
Right now, Daiso has a theme of Clever DAISOlution, wouldn’t you agree moms, napapa-AHA! ba kayo when you visit Daiso? Because you’ll find items that you didn’t know you need to make things and tasks easier for you!
They currently have a promo of 8+1 (free) during the flash sale!
South Star Drugstore
The South Star Drugstore is located Inside the Robinson’s Supermarket. They offer “tipid kard” for only 20 pesos, you’ll start earning points every time you purchase plus+ they have freebies on-going during the flash sale.
I also availed their free consultation, blood pressure and blood sugar test. The doctors are generous too, they even gave me free sample of medicine for my dizziness.

For BPI card holders, they have additional promotions for you! Don’t forget to check it out.

So mommies, inays, sisters! If you’re planning to spend your family day this Sunday after going to church why not head on to Ayala Malls SouthPark and take advantage of their Flash Sale!

dir=”auto”>Don’t forget to do your pantry inventory and make a list of all the items that you need to buy during the sale!


3 thoughts on “Flash Sale Finds at Ayala Malls SouthPark

  1. Indeed great savings. And super huge considering for every 350 pesos purchase, we get a 100 gc. When we use our credit card, I still need to purchase 3000 in order to get a 100 gc incentive. You must have enjoyed your shopping and saved a lot.

  2. Ang sarap talaga ‘pag may sale! Nakaka-engganyo! lol. For someone like me who’s trying to save more on my pay, this is what I try to avoid, haha. Kasi very tempting talaga sya. Pero the prices and toys are really nice, no?

  3. I love going to sales if the effort is worth the savings you get. This flash sale looks like one I’d go to. My husband would have gotten the zootopia car. Big plus that they have a free health consultation. You saved a lot, mommy!

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