Let’s Eat Bulilit: Messy but Healthy Meal Time

Do you eat with your little ones mommies? Even if they’re still babies or toddlers, eating together as a family during meal time is one of the best part of the day with our kids.

Did you know that children start to develop a sense of curiosity as they grow, and this becomes a perfect opportunity for parents to start introducing them to new tastes and explores different textures.

I can still recall my son,when he was still 6 months old, we practiced Baby Led Weaning, and he really got excited every time we introduced something new to him.

(Read: http://tipidmommy.com/baby-led-weaning/)


Let’s Eat, Bulilit is Cerelac’s way of helping mommies and daddies make that big step and ensure that their children get the right nutrition at the right age. Beyond offering a nutritious bowl, Cerelac also believes that mealtimes open up to fun, memorable bonding sessions with bulilits. With a bowl of Cerelac or Nutripuffs at hand during mealtimes, every chimp, nibble and mess that you and your bulilit experience together can start a lifelong habit of eating healthy and eating happy with the family.

Getting bulilits to eat healthy

The first two years in the life of our children are crucial for developing not only their physical and cognitive functions, but also their flavour preferences which can impact the way they see and consume certain foods, especially vegetables. International studies reveal that most children do not meet the recommended vegetable consumption, but this can be easily corrected with feeding intervention strategies.

A way to introduce healthy foods to bulilits is to pair fruits, veggies like broccoli, squash, sweet potato, and even chicken with an infant cereal like Cerelac.

Unlike junk food that contribute lots of calories but little nutritional value, Cerelac is a nutrient-dense food with no added preservatives and contains Protect Plus, a combination of BIFIDUS BL for a healthy digestive system and DHA which is important building block for brain and eye development for children up to three years of age. Aside from Protect Plus, one bowl of Cerelac contains almost 1/3 of your bulilit’s daily energy requirement and is also a rich source of B Vitamins, Vitamin C, A and D, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Phosphorous, Protein, Iodine and Folic Acid.

Served alone with just water or mixed with a puree, Cerelac makes mealtimes more fun, nutritious and memorable for both parents and their children. Plus, pwede rin pala gumawa ng cookies made of cerelac and many other creative ways mommies.

But of course mommies and daddies, nothing beats the natural, fresh and indigenous foods for our children, plus the loaded benefits of breastmilk.

Let us not also forget the emotional benefits of eating together or having a regular family meal times at home.

What about you mommies? Can you share your “Cerelac moments” with your kids or other tips to make your meal time moment with your children a memorable one?



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