Gourmet Tuyo Recipe

Being yayaless, bulk cooking helped us a lot, para hindi maubos time namin sa kusina. We are not into canned foods as much as possible, especially that we have a little boy, we became extra mindful sa meal plan namin. Since we do not have a helper nor a yaya, usually graveyard lang kami nakakawork ni husband (when our little guy is asleep). There were nights na nagugutom kami, so aside from sunny side up na egg, we are just happy may bago kaming “to the rescue ulam”.



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Affordameal: Php 50 Tuna Nuggets Recipe

I was experimenting different affordable meals and ulam ideas, and found out this recipe from a Foodie Group.

If you love fish and nuggets, perfect ito for you! Mommies, super affordable pa! Great for Baon too!



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Buribox : Filipino + Learning + Fun in a BOX

Hello Mommies and Daddies!


Do you want to lessen your child’s screentime?

Are you running out of ideas on what activities you can do with your child at home?

No time to prepare homeschooling materials?

Do you want to raise up a bilingual child?

Do you want to have a child who loves to read?

If your answer is YES!

Check out Buribox. You and your child will definitely love it.


Last month, our little Zee was privileged to try out Buribox (referred by lovely Mommy May of FullyHouseWifed)

After posting our activities on Instagram, a lot of my mommy friends got curious what a Buribox is.

So… What is Buribox?

Buribox – is a subscription box by Adarna House developed for Filipino Family with different books and activities every month making it fun and happy learning time with our little ones.


It comes with a guide for us mommies and daddies :)

You’ll get 4-5 books, creative ideas, activity sheets and art materials for only PHP 799/month..


Here’s what inside the cutie Buribox :) all for PHP 799 only

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Affordable Mushroom “No Meat” Burger Recipe

Want to eat some burgers? Without meat? Yes! You heard it right, no meat in the patties..

The recipe is easy to cook and prepare.. I’m sure your whole family will love it too!

You will definitely won’t miss eating beef burgers after tasting this recipe.

What a guilt-free way to eat burgers right? Healthy and yum!


I am happy to share with you our new favorite family snack recipe “Mushroom Burger”




2 cans Jolly Mushrooms (finely chopped)

2 large eggs, lightly beaten

1/2 cup bread crumbs

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D-I-Y Hand Paint for toddlers

These past few days, I’ve been running out of ideas to keep my little son busy so I can cook or check my email even while he’s awake (if you’re a mompreneur or wahm you know what I mean! ?)

I am also limiting our screen time for not more than two hours a day. (Thankful that we do not have TV & Cable right now) 

I do believe in what Pablo Picasso said That every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

As parents, we have to help them bring out their creativity.


I found this recipe online and revised it a little, experiment with your little one, let him/her be messy, play and create with his/her tiny hands.

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How to make a DIY Candy Buffet

Candy Buffets are so so cute and eye-catching piece for birthdays, weddings and other events or celebrations.

Not to mention, the fun and excitement for guests with sweet tooth like me :)

Last summer, we’ve celebrated Zee’s first birthday but instead of hiring someone to provide the candy buffet, I’ve tried creating one with hubby’s help…

I am so happy that I am blessed with a creative partner who never fails to support me in my “kaartehan” haha..

Ooopss.. this is also cute for Christmas Parties or for Christmas Eve’s celebration..

and now, I am sharing with you some tips in setting-up your own candy buffet :)


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(No Bake) Chocolate Cake Recipe


This method of making a cake is really easy and newbie-friendly, perfect for beginners and frustrated bakers like me :) No Oven? No problem. All you need is a steamer (rice cooker, stove top steamer) And for this recipe, I will be using Maya Chocolate Cake Mix, it’s affordable and proven really yummy! They also have butter cake mix, banana cake mix, even the Bibingka Cake Mix and a lot more… 

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Christmas Preparation Activities

20141121-080927.jpg “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”… YEY!

Yes, not only kids are excited about Christmas, and admit it! There’s something magical about the season… Not to mention the cold breeze at night.. The colorful lights and lanterns, the joy and excitement in the children, The spirit of love and generosity surrounds everyone..

Of course, the reason for the season “to celebrate the Birth of our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ” I wanted to share to you some of our planned Christmas activities for this year, hope you’ll get something from it and make this year really memorable for you and your family.


A) Have Christ-Centered Christmas

  • Watch Superbook “Christmas Story” Movie
  • Read the book of Luke and Matthew and follow these activities
  • Make a birthday cake for Jesus
  • Attend a Christmas Special Church Series
  • Pray as a family on Christmas’ Eve

B) Share the Love

  • Donate to a charity (cash/toys/clothes/canned goods)
  • Send a Christmas Card to relatives in the province
  • Have candy or biscuit loots inside the car, and share it to street children
  • Choose a family to bless this year (give a grocery basket – for their Christmas Eve Celebration)
  • Have candies/chocolates on your bag and share to your security guards and mall attendants
  • Join Christmas Charity Outreach Programs
  • Treat a stranger a parking fee or a jeepney fare
  • Buy & Wrap Gifts for love ones

C) Kitchen Ideas

  • Have a Menu Budget, Keep it simple-affordable meals and Buy ahead of time (avoid last minute shopping)
  • Prepare a special dish (for example instead of preparing a typical spaghetti, why not prepare Baked Mac? almost same ingredients but different cooking method)
  • Make ginger cookies or colorful cookies and decorate with kids or family
  • Bake a cake (I will share a no-bake cake recipe within this Month too)
  • Have a red and green-themed meals
  • Prepare a dish or dessert for relatives and neighbors
  • Share a recipe to a friend

D) Decorations & Art

  • Have a Theme (Example: White Christmas, Colorful Christmas…)
  • Re-use your old Christmas Tree or make a DIY Christmas Tree
  • Decorate the stairs and doors (remember Less is More, keep decorations simple)
  • Frame a Verse about the birth of Christ , Christmas Quotes or Christmas greetings
  • DIY Paper Snowflakes for Bedroom
  • DIY Paper Pompoms for Dining Area
  • DIY Christmas Banner
  • Printables: Christmas Calendar, Menu Plan, Budget Plan & Gift Plan
  • Have a Family Portrait

E) Outside the Home

  • Visit Lights and Sounds Show (Ayala, Makati City)
  • Stroll around and watch Christmas lights
  • Check out nearby Bazaars
  • Visit Relatives
  • Eat Bibingka and Puto Bungbong

We’re praying we can check all of these activities this year.. 

What about you? Do you have additional activities in mind? or a recipe that you wanted to share?

Please feel free to share it with me :)

Remember Jesus is the reason for the season, not our house decorations nor our Christmas Menu.

Whatever we have, wherever we are, Let’s just celebrate the season with love, joy and unity..

Merry Christmas everyone!

“Celebrate Life, Today is Special” Psalm 118:24


Home-made Oreo Ice cream (No-machine needed)


I love Oreo and I love ice cream…
That’s why I love Cookies ‘n cream… :)

Few days ago, my little Zee saw an Ice Cream commercial and said
“Ice cream, more!” Hahaha.. Vey timely, a friend shared with me her ice cream recipe.

But I’ve revised it a bit by adding salt and vanilla extract,
but I think her ice cream looks yummier than mine haha..

This home-made recipe is perfect for holidays, you can also save 40-50% compared to local ice cream price not to mention that this can be a great family bonding plus you can also explore by using fresh fruist instead of oreos :)

Here’s how to make a no-machine and home-made Ice cream

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