Have a Happy “BIRTH-DAY” at World Citi Med

I can still recall the pain of childbirth, the challenges of breastfeeding, and even a simple toilet break was really challenging when I gave birth to my son four years ago… so, I promised myself, God-willing, if we are to be blessed with Baby Number 2, I would like me and my husband to really prepare for it. I want a more relaxing stay in the hospital, a more comfortable room for me and my baby. Dahil hindi pala madali manganak and kailangan talaga ng time for recovery ni mommy.



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McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop Biggest Grand Graduation

June 3, 2017, Manila, Philippines – The World Trade Centre in Pasay City was a vision in red and white racing stripes as participants of the country’s biggest summer workshop for kids came together for the Manila let of McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation.


It was a two-day affair attended by kids around the Metro, who were just some of the proud Kiddie Crew graduates who spent their summer with Kiddie Crew.

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Badanamu – a new way of learning

The early years of childhood is very important in a child’s development, as most experts says, these crucial years will have a big impact in their lives – health, emotional, self-esteem and intellectual aspects. 

That’s why as much as possible we wanted to be intentional parents most especially on these early stage of our son’s life. We are great fans of “learning through play” I’m happy that Mommy Bloggers Philippines introduced us to Badanamu Team in the Philippines.



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Mommy Blogger’s Christmas Party

One of the things I am grateful of this year is the gift of friendship. Not just my offline friends, thanks to new technology, I found new online friends too…

Mommy Bloggers Philippines community helped me a lot in my blogging journey, this group is a blessing to every moms who are part of it. My Christmas will never be complete without celebrating it with them.

So from South to North, I travelled to celebrate a shimmering white silver Christmas with the group. It was held at Pancake House’s Tomas Morato Branch. Yes guys, Pancake House now offer Function Rooms for your events.


The venue was elegantly designed by Buzy Bee Bouquets and Balloons, every detail looks lovely and fab!

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Vitacubes : yummy, jelly & healthy candies



VITACUBES –  yummy, jelly + healthy candies!

Most candies are 100% made of sugar without any nutritional content , that’s why we, moms, often feel guilty when we offer candies to our children.

Aside the fact that it can just contribute to accumulating cavities, our children get nothing more than  sugar from it.

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