Business Talk: “Online Talipapa made possible with LBC

In this era, online selling and shopping are part of every household, but as an online seller myself, I don’t just sell to earn profit, my products, are products that I believe in or in short my “passion”.

There are thousands of online shop available but there are those whose transactions run deeper- like those which alter the lives of customers and clients whose ties are made stronger by a trusted and reliable logistics provider like LBC.

LBC Talipapa Doc 1

Vincent Rasalan, a General Surgeon by profession, has another passion: he also vends food in jars- like taba ng talangka, atchara, vinegar and the like- a business inspired by his mother who was able to support his education- from high school to medical school by selling such delicious treats. But unlike before when his mother sold the delicacies house to house or by taking orders through phone, Vincent found a bigger market through social selling. Via his small online venture called #OnlineTalipapa, Rasalan is able to continue his mom’s legacy and reach a wider market.


Enabling Vincent with his side business is LBC, whom he has long relied on to complete his customers’ orders, whether by retail or bulk. In having a trusted partner like LBC, Vincent and many others like him, are able to free themselves from the problem of transporting products so they can, instead,  focus on growing their enterprise.


Vincent narrates: “A small business such as ours needs partners we can depend on to carry out tasks which will be extremely difficult for us. We are thankful to LBC, because they have helped us deliver our goods from across cities, provinces and even, regions. They make our work easier- and have made our products more accessible to both loyal and new customers”.


LBC, for their part, is only too happy to provide a reliable platform for both traditional and online sellers and buyers so they can exchange goods and services as seamless as possible. And seeing content customers like Vincent gives LBC a fulfillment like no other knowing that they have moved lives and businesses yet again.

Oh di ba mommies, we can also start earning from home, like setting our own talipapa, or own boutique online, it is possible by partnering to reliable suppliers and service providers.



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