Badanamu – a new way of learning

The early years of childhood is very important in a child’s development, as most experts says, these crucial years will have a big impact in their lives – health, emotional, self-esteem and intellectual aspects. 

That’s why as much as possible we wanted to be intentional parents most especially on these early stage of our son’s life. We are great fans of “learning through play” I’m happy that Mommy Bloggers Philippines introduced us to Badanamu Team in the Philippines.



We visited their booth at Smart Kids’ Asia, they offered many activities for kids to enjoy + learn and even gave away free toys for their booth guests. (So generous!) 




What’s Badanamu?

I’m sure your child is familiar with their youtube videos. But they are more than nursery rhymes and entertainment video for kids.


“Badanamu is all about active learning. An active learning experience means activating a child’s entire brain while they play. It’s not enough to tell a child, “This is the letter A and it makes the sound /æ/.” Children need the chance to touch A, hear A, feel A, move like an A, and make an A. In short, they need to discover A. Badanamu products are not just applications; they are learning environments that allow children from 2-6 to explore reading, shapes, and maths with every part of their mind.”


I love how they combined the modern era of “digital world” to classic way of learning.




They also value and focus on a child’s emotional intelligence plus “physical movements” since young children are filled with energies.

Lalo na ang boys! (hehe)


I love Badanamu’s Curriculum:

Developed by Howard Gardner (1983, 1999), the Multiple Intelligence Theory (MIT) describes nine different intelligences. Badanamu designs its curriculum to reflect all of these:

  • Mathematical-logical: Visual learning techniques
  • Verbal-linguistic: Literacy
  • Musical-rhythmic: Songs and music
  • Bodily-kinesthetic: Dancing and physical activities
  • Interpersonal: Group activities and helping each other
  • Intrapersonal: Learning about oneself through the characters
  • Visual-spatial: Colours and design of our classrooms
  • Naturalist: Natural tasks in the lesson plans
  • Existential: Characters provoke questions of how and why?


Badanamu sounds like a preschool?

Yes, Badanamu is very much excited to bring their learning centres here in the country. They already have learning centres in other Asian countries- like Korea, Singapore, China and more. Badanamu is currently open for franchising – a business very much suitable for parents. 


If you are interested in franchising your very own Badanamu Learning Centre you may reach the Badanamu Team:


Facebook: Badanamu



It was indeed a fun and learning-filled event day with Badanamu.



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